Monday, June 11, 2012

Fines For Cursing

Middleborough, Massachusetts wants to fine you for cursing.

Back in 1968 the town made swearing a criminal offense.

Now they want to add a fine of twenty dollars to it.

Police Chief Bruce Gates says that whilst there are more important issues, it's an issue of "quality if life".

Fines could only be levied against those who are caught swearing at other people in public.

If an inanimate object is the target, no fine would be levied, and private cursing is private.

Opponents say that it is a violation of first amendment, freedom of speech rights.

It will be up to the people of Middleborough to vote on, and decide for themselves.

A Disturbing Rumor Of Dirty Pool?

From left: Kelly, McSally, Sitton, Antenori
Those who pay attention to various campaigns and speeches from political figures may have seen something going on.

President Clinton has made some statements of late that seem to cut at Obama's foundation. Though he may backpedal a little later, the impact of the original statements has its effects.

Anybody with three working brain cells can see what Slick-Willy is doing. He is setting up Hilary for a 2016 run at the White House. He seeks to not disenfranchise his party in the process. However, a Romney win may enhance a 2016 candidacy for Hilary. I'm sure that these "gaffes" have some level of intention as part of a political strategy.

These suspected intentions of these "gaffes", as well as the initial statements themselves, work to bolster conservative goals in the near future. For those backing Romney, they are good news for the 2012 race. If combined with maintaining conservative seats in the House of Representatives and increasing the number of conservative US Senators, it will set the stage, in 2013, for at least two years of reforms at the federal level.

Some of those reforms will not be popular with the left-wing. They hope that such policies and actions will spawn at left-wing take-over of the house in the 2014 elections such as the TEA Party did in 2010. In a long-term strategy, it is a smart move, though a risky one. It will put the pressure on conservatives to do the right thing and gain positive results in a rather short amount of time. It sets the stage for Alinsky Tactics come 2014 and 2016.

However, it does give conservatives the ground to accomplish many short and mid-term goals. If effective in these goals, the strategy of the left will backfire. Conservatives have their work cut out for them.

This form of "dirty pool" is not restricted to the left and Bill Clinton.

I attended a monthly TEA Party meeting in Cochise County, Arizona. Cochise County falls within Arizona Congressional District 8 (For US House of Representatives), Gabrielle Giffords vacated seat. In the special election to fill the vacated seat, primaries were held recently. In the GOP primary, there was a tight race. The nominee was USMC veteran, Jesse Kelly.

I didn't support Jesse in the Primary. I put my support behind retired Green Beret, Frank Antenori. However, once the dust settled and the nominee was chosen, I quickly turned to backing Jesse. Once the dust settles in any primary, it is important to unify behind our nominee. As the great Andrew Breitbart said at CPAC 2012, "Ask not what your candidate can do for you; ask what you can do for your candidate!".

There is a reason I state the military backgrounds of these two candidates. Southeast Arizona is a largely military and veteran community. The military record of candidates quickly becomes a campaign issue, especially among conservatives.

At this TEA party meeting, I met with several volunteers for the Jesse Kelly Campaign. I asked how things were going, and the usual networking to get press releases, candidate statements, and other such things. A couple of them brought up a concern.

Martha McSally is a retired US Air Force Colonel (O-6). Frank is a retired Army Senior NCO. Jesse was an NCO in the USMC. According to rumors, McSally or her supporters are allegedly campaigning against Kelly in the special election. The supposed perceived lack of unity behind Jesse in the Special Election against Ron Barber is based upon military service. Retired officers, especially those from service in the Air Force, are being urged to not vote for "this former enlisted Marine". This is the perception from Kelly campaign volunteers who have been walking these precincts, and not from any statement made from McSally or her campaign. If true, however, this is a violation of Ronald Reagan's "11th Commandment".

I attempted to contact the McSally campaign office for comment. As of the initial publishing of this article, they have not returned my call or provided a statement.

In truth, Kelly, Antentori, and McSally are all far more conservative than Ron Barber. Any of the three is a much better choice than putting another Marxist in the US Congress. They should be backing the current nominee. If any of them are attempting to undercut the nominee in an effort to pull a similar strategy as the one Clinton may be conducting, they are revealing themselves as a leftist in RINO clothing. I have no problem with the left using such tactics in such an obvious manner. It will backfire on them. I sincerely pray that rumors of such occurring among conservatives are nothing less than ramblings of tired, frustrated grassroots campaign volunteers.

Some of the facts and information related to me include a lower Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL) return for the special election than there was for the primary. Jesse Kelly won the primary through mostly PEVL ballots. The precincts with the lower return all happen to be precincts where McSally did rather well in the primary. While this proves absolutely nothing in and of itself, the coincidence is eyebrow-raising. It merits some further research that will only be possible after the election on June 12, 2012.

The topic also indicates that voters and conservatives around the country need to be on the look-out for this tactic possibly being employed in their own local elections. Conservatives, now is the time for unity. Do not fall to or employ the divisive tactics of the left.

Vote to Replace Giffords Set For Tuesday

Southeast Arizona votes on Tuesday to decide who will replace congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who resigned in January.

Ron Barber, a former aide of Giffords' is running for the Democrats.

He is facing Republican Jesse Kelly, who barely lost to Giffords in 2010.

Expectations are for this election to show how the state will go in the November Presidential election.

Barber is trying to get the public to focus on his closeness to Giffords, who has been helping him campaign recently.

Republicans are making sure that Barber's connections to Obama are well known, in hopes that such will sway public opinion in an area that has little love for Obama.

Nadal Takes 7th French Open

Rafael Nadal did what he's known for, dominating the court, especially the clay one.

It took two days, and two rain delays, but he continued his streak.

This time, however, there was an added celebration to his win.

Nadal became the first person to ever win seven French Opens, it also gained him his eleventh Major win.

The Spaniard beat out Novak Djokovic of Serbia, who was seeking his fourth consecutive Major, which would have given him a Grand Slam.

Remembering: John Wayne

Marion Morrison was born May 26, 1907 in Winterset, Iowa. His family later moved to Glendale, California.

After college he began working as a movie studio laborer, but eventually began getting bit parts.

For many of his early roles he was credited as Duke Morrison, a childhood nickname.

In 1930 he starred in The Big Trail, but the director felt a tougher name was needed for a western hero, so he had John Wayne put in the credits. The name stuck, the film tanked.

Throughout the rest of the 30's John Wayne filmed dozens of mediocre at best westerns, so many that at times more than one opened at the same time.

It was in 1939 that John Ford cast him in Stagecoach, which won an Oscar.

From then on John Wayne became a household name, and many of his best films were directed by Ford.

He became iconic of the ultimate American western hero.

By the time he died on June 11, 1979 he had been in more than two hundred and fifty films.

Marion was extremely public about his patriotic beliefs. A staunch conservative, he showed his love for the United States in several of his films and in his off screen life as well.

Syria Begins Using Air to Attack Rebels, Rebels Turn Down Israeli Aid

Syria looks more and more like an all out war now as rebel forces continue to attack everywhere they can, and in some places succeeding.

Government forces have stepped up their assaults, adding helicopter gunships to the fray, marking the first time that air power has been used in the fifteen month conflict.

Air power was added as rebel forces have becoming increasingly successful in destroying military vehicles sent against them.

The Syrian opposition has come close than ever to fully uniting, electing Abdel Basset Sayda as their head.

One of Sayda's first accomplishments was to reject aid offered by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Sayda stated that the Syrian people did not need or want help from Israel, adding that other nations are helping them.

Netanyahu decried massacres committed by the government, against the civilian population, adding that Iran and Hezbollah are aiding the Syrian military.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague released a statement saying Britain is strongly considering military intervention in Syria.

Whilst Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is set to visit Iran on Wednesday, as the two countries discuss how to best continue their support of the Syrian regime.

Backed by Chinese support, Russia has blocked many attempts, by the United Nations, to place sanctions against the Syrian government.

Throughout the conflict, Russia has continued to supply the government with arms, and maintained a stance of protecting the Assad regime from foreign intervention.

High Park Fire Nearing 40,000 Acres With Zero Containment

The High Park Fire continues to burn out of control today in Colorado, just to the north west of Ft. Collins and just south of where the Hewlett Fire burned last month.

It is thought to have been started by lightning, Saturday morning, but the investigation is still under way.

Four hundred personnel are fighting the fire, which is nearing 40,000 acres.

Winds paired with hot, dry weather are spurring on the flames, causing it to grow up to fifty feet a minute, with some areas seeing flames several hundred feet high.

Five tankers, and multiple helicopters are aiding ground personnel, in the fight, but so far efforts are still being aimed at trying to protect structures.

Specifically of importance are the communication towers on Buckhorn Mountain, if they are lost fire fighters would only be able to communicate via line of site, making things all the more difficult for them.

At least one hundred homes have already been damaged or burned down, and one fatality has been confirmed by authorities.

Near three thousand evacuation notices have been sent out, but many are refusing to leave.

The Colorado National Guard has been involved in air operations since nearly the beginning of the fire. Wyoming and Nebraska are planning to send Guard forces as well.

Fire fighters from several other states are on the way as well, but fires in other states have limited the resources available.