Sunday, June 3, 2012

Review: Birds & Belles

Denver, there is a new place to shop for women's fashion.

Birds & Belles opened up on Friday, at 1113 S. Pearl St. Denver, CO 80210.

Tis a chill little place, that you should definitely give a try if you're looking for something new in your wardrobe.

They also buy and trade clothing, so if you've something in good shape, but just not you anymore, can try them for that as well.

With a great collection already, you could very possibly find something that is what you're looking for.

The shop is open Tuesday through Friday 11-7, and Saturday and Sunday 11-5.

Go give them a look, you never know. You definitely won't regret it.

Santana Throws First Mets' No Hitter

It took more than one hundred and thirty pitches, but Johan Santana set history Friday night.

He threw the first New York Mets' no hitter in team history.

The Mets have been around since 1962.

Since the Mets were founded, there have been 131 no hitters in Major League Baseball.

Seven Mets' pitchers had gone on to throw no hitters after they had left the team, but no one had ever managed to get one for the team.

Thanks to Santana, and the fielders for backing him up, the Mets' left the infamous group of two teams who'd never had a no hitter.

Now only the San Diego Padres have never thrown a no hitter. They were formed in 1969.

Syrian Violence in Lebanon Requires Military Response

Lebanon has been forced to send troops into Tripoli, due to violence between Syrians, in the city.

At least ten people had been killed over the last few days, leaving the government little decision but to crack down.

Luckily for Tripoli the military's presence has caused an automatic ceasefire, with none willing to start that kind of fight.

Fighting has been between Sunnis who support the uprising, and Alawites who support the Syrian regime.

Over the last few months at least twenty deaths in Tripoli have been accounted as being related to the Syrian conflict.

Whitewater Baldy Complex Fire Slowly Being Contained

The Whitewater Baldy Complex Fire is now up to seventeen percent containment.

Over 1,200 firefighters, including fourteen hotshot crews, are involved against the blaze.

It has burned over 241,000 acres, and is the largest in New Mexico history.

Advances have been made against the fire due to changes in the terrain in which the fire is now burning.

Before it had been in narrow canyons that were only accessible by helicopter, now there are areas where trucks and crews have easier access.

Due to that firefighters hope to have the containment a lot further by the end of Monday.

Already some evacuations have been lifted, with more being considered.

Review: Snow White and The Huntsman

Snow White and The Huntsman hit theaters this weekend, and there was no disappointment in it.

An extremely well done movie, in which everything came together. Even the ending credits continued the use of the amazing graphics, accomplishing what very few movies do, making you want to watch them.

Charlize Theron did a superb job as the evil queen. Chris Hemsworth did a great job as the huntsman, though one couldn't help but think of Thor. Kristen Stewart, showed that maybe there is potential there after all, and maybe Snow White will be the turning of a new leaf for her.

Other than Disney's animated Snow White, this is very possibly the best version ever. The attempt at making the story more of an epic succeeded, without ruining it at all.
For those worried about the classic fairytale storyline, have no fear. It's all there, including true love's first kiss breaking the spell of the poisoned apple. Amazingly they manage not to focus on that, actually not even verbally mentioning it, just showing the few moments when it happens.

An almost Narnian level of magic is brought in, with a bit of Druid mythology added, giving the movie a little something extra. With a great soundtrack going along with it, Snow White and The Huntsman isn't just a must see, but very likely a must buy as well.