Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Venus Passes in Front of The Sun on Tuesday

Next Tuesday, June 5, the planet Venus will pass in front of the sun, before sunset, and be visible for most of the United States.

The event was last visible eight years ago, but will not be so for another 105 years.

Venus travels in a pattern that makes it pass in front of the sun, from Earth's point of view in that pattern.

On the first of the two passes, it is visible to the southern hemisphere around Australia.

During the second of the set it is visible to North America.

The pattern is always the same, with the 105 years passing, then eight.

Johannes Kepler first predicted the first part of the pattern. Jeremiah Horrocks, an English astronomer found the second part.

Nine Countries Kick Out Syrian Envoys

In response to the latest massacre in Syria nine countries have given Syrian envoys seventy-two hours to leave.

The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Bulgaria all announced the decision on Tuesday. Expectations are that more countries will join in on the expulsion.

The massacre by Syrian troops, firing artillery into a populated area, killed around one hundred. Somewhere around 15,000 have been killed since last March, when the uprising began.

Russia has continuously protected Syria, but as things continue they're finding that position harder to maintain. If Russia backs down, Syria will have no protectors left. 

Zombie/Cannibal Attack in Miami

On Saturday, Miami police were forced to shoot a man, who had attacked another man.

Officers found the man literally chewing off the victim's face.

He refused to stop, pausing only to growl at officers, with pieces of flesh hanging out of his mouth.

The first shot didn't even make him pause. They then shot him til he was dead.

His victim is in critical condition, pictures of him are beyond grotesque. Seventy-five to eighty percent of his face is gone.

Police believe the man may have been on drugs. They suspect a new form of LSD. Others suspect a virulent form of rabies.

Sixteen Year Old Solves 350 Year Old Problem

Shourryya Ray, a sixteen year old living in Germany, solved two problems first set, 350 years ago, by Sir Isaac Newton.

Ray has been awarded a research award for his work solving the two equations, that no one had been able to solve til now. Even computers had struggled to solve the equations.

His solutions allow exact calculations of a trajectory under gravity and subject to air resistance. In other words, an item's flight path can be calculated and predictions can be made about how the object will hit and bounce off a barrier.

Math experts are now throwing around the word genius in conjunction with Ray. He denies he is one, but his solving the equations definitely show that the title is earned.

Fires Continue to Burn Across The US

The Whitewater Baldy Fire in New Mexico continues to grow thanks to the help of dry, hot, windy weather. Already having burnt over 152,000 acres, it is expected to beat the record for New Mexico's largest fire, by the end of the day. That record was set just last summer by the Las Conchas fire, which burned 156,593 acres.

However firefighters are hopeful, as they've been able to prepare lines in advance of the fire. So far the fire has burned a dozen structures, most of which were summer cabins. Firefighting resources from all over the United States are being used to fight it.

Two fires are burning in Colorado. The Sunrise Mine Fire, near Paradox and the Utah border has forced evacuations of campers. Thanks to seven aircraft, six engines, and eighty fire fighters the fire is about thirty percent contained.

Another fire is burning near Pagosa Springs, Colorado. This one is not contained at all, but firefighters are preparing a fire line north of the fire. They are also lighting small fires in front of it to burn out any possible fuel.

In Michigan, the Duck Lake Fire is nearing 22,000 acres. Two hundred and thirty-two firefighters are battling that one. The fire is mostly contained, and expectations are for it to be over with soon. Michigan is learning a lesson from this fire, as they were extremely unprepared for any fires. The state had dropped from one hundred and thirty fire crews, down to seventy.

Arizona is dealing with several fires. The Sunflower Fire, near Payson, has burned over 17,500 acres.. Fifty firefighters have it eighty percent contained. Near Flagstaff, the Mormon fire is being spurred on by winds, but firefighters are hoping to knock it out today or morrow. Over 16,000 acres have been burned by the Gladiator Fire. In the middle of the Prescott National Forest, it has prompted evacuations of three communities, but it is up to sixty percent containment now. By Thursday, firefighters hope to have the Toadlena Fire completely contained. It burned about 1,000 acres in the Navajo Nation.