Friday, May 25, 2012

Unintended Consequences To Good Intentions

Baby Boomers, and on, have a lot of explaining to do! When did it become acceptable to expect everything to be handed over on a silver platter? What may have started as a “good intention” has evolved into “unintended consequences”. The intentions were “to not have their children have to struggle so much to get ahead in life”.

As each generation has come, more and more was being done for the children to the point where certain “wants” have become perceived rights. Things are to be given freely to them without having to do anything for it. “Society owes them” entitlement attitude is fully imbedded in today’s culture.

The more insulated from perceived harm/struggle, the less prepared for life in the real world they become. Self-esteem has replaced substance. We have created “bubble wrap” children who have no true idea of boundaries as their parents and society has insulated them. Everything is now to make sure that there is absolutely no way for a child to get any bumps or bruises, nothing to make a child feel better than any other child – everyone HAS to be the same. No keeping score (even though any child can tell what the score of their games is, even when the adults are not keeping score), you wouldn’t want little Johnny to feel inadequate because he is not as skilled as another child. Instead of getting ribbons for coming in first, second, or third place; you now get a ribbon for participating. There is no incentive for a child to become better at whatever they’re skilled at.

How many children were promoted to the next grade even though they hadn’t met the basic requirements to move to the next grade? How have we done them any favors by being more concerned about their self-esteem than giving them the tools needed to succeed in life? How many entered university without adequate educational skills to complete university? How many young people then join the workforce expecting an $80k plus job when their skill level/experience is nowhere near the market level? Flipping burgers is beneath them even it means an adequate roof over their head and food in their bellies.

It seems each generation is becoming more reliant on others for their survival. We adults have done a piss poor job at educating the younger generation. Our society has become more and more unwilling or unable to think on its own and to not swallow hook, line and sinker, what is being fed to them.

But all is not lost, there are those young people who are still able to think outside the box, not take what is said as truth without doing their own investigation and buck what society tells them. They are the young bloggers, entrepreneurs, advocates, and yes, even politicians that know what giving everything away truly costs. They are the ones holding us older folks to account for our actions or in-actions. They stand up for what they believe and are not ashamed to be public in their beliefs. They are a small force that continues to grow and inspire us all.

Remembering: Star Wars

May 25, 1977 Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope hits theaters and the world would never be the same.

It came with the newest forms of special effects and the superb soundtrack composed by John Williams. Those and the story line brought about an opening of imaginations throughout the world.

Though only released in forty-two theaters, the movie would make what was then, huge dollar amounts. Adjusting for inflation it is still the second biggest grosser in history.

A New Hope would be nominated for ten Oscars, winning six of them.

Star Wars is credited with reviving a sci fi genre that had all but died out, and was til then totally unprofitable.

Combined with Jaws, it began a new idea of the summer blockbuster, that is such a huge part of today's Hollywood.