Thursday, May 24, 2012

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in For Bad Boys 3

Will Smith has confirmed that he and Martin Lawrence will both return for Bad Boys 3.

At this point they're going over screen plays, looking for the right one.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has released that Smith has had a big hand in developing the film.

Director Michael Bay is set to return to the film series as well.

No release date has been announced yet.

Police Attacked in Northern Ireland

Bricks, stones, and petrol bombs were thrown at police in Newry, Northern Ireland on Thursday.

One officer was injured by the blasts. He has been released from the hospital.

For awhile part of the town was shut down, as police did a controlled explosion on a suspicious device.

Chief Inspector David Beck said a "small criminal element" was "intent on bringing mayhem and disruption".

Local assembly member Micky Brady complained about the police disruption of the town's day. "Once again we have seen Newry brought to a standstill while a suspicious device is investigated. Local people, like myself, are sick and tired of these pointless exercises."

Facebook Camera For iPhone and iPod Touch

Facebook has announced a new app for iPhone and iPod touch.

Facebook Camera works much in the same way as Instagram does, except for that it is completely linked to Facebook itself.

This linking makes it a whole lot easier to see, use, edit, and share pictures.

Sometime Thursday evening, the free app is supposed to be available.

Questions are abounding as to whether or not the app will become available for Droid phones, and when.

Another big question is what this means for Facebook and Instagram. The app comes less than two months after Facebook announced it was buying Instagram for $1 billion. That deal has yet to go through.

Iran Nuclear Talks Stall

Talks over Iran's nuclear program stalled when Iran demanded that EU sanctions be cancelled. The sanctions are set to go in place June 1, and are the toughest ever handed down by Europe. A new set of talks are set for June 18-19 in Moscow.

This unsuccessful set of talks, in Baghdad took place between Iran and the P5+1. The P5 are the five permanent members of the UN Security Council: the US, France, Great Britain, Russia, and China. The +1 denotes the addition of Germany.

Iran vows to not halt any kind of nuclear production until the sanctions be cancelled. The other nations stated that sanctions would only be cancelled once Iran has proven it is halting production.

Many countries have accused Iran of working towards nuclear weapons. Whilst Iran says it is all for energy research. But Iran's own released statistics show that they are enriching uranium far beyond what is necessary for energy production.

Israel accuses Iran of holding the talks simply to stall for time so that nuclear weapons can be achieved. The delay of almost a full month before talks resume would give credence to such worries.

Solar Impulse on First Transcontinental Flight

Solar Impulse took off on it's first transcontinental flight, Thursday morning. Accomplishing the mission would set it as the first solar powered aircraft to do so.

Andre Borschberg is flying the experimental solar powered airplane to Madrid, Spain. Bertrand Piccard will then fly for the second leg of the trip, to Rabat, Morocco.

Takeoff was delayed for two hours by fog in their home field of Payerne, Switzerland; showing the weakness of such a craft.

With a cruising speed of around forty-three miles per hour, the aircraft with a wingspan of just over 200 feet, hopes to reach Morocco Friday evening.

In 2010, the plane was flown for twenty-six hours straight, to show that it's 12,000 solar cells could absorb enough energy to last through the night.

The pilots hope to take a new and improved plane in an around the world flight, in 2014.