Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dissident Republicans Arrested in Northern Ireland

MI5, in conjunction with police, have arrested seven people in Northern Ireland on various charges of terrorist activities.

All seven are charged with being members of the Real IRA, a splinter group, that is opposed to the peace treaty of 1998.

Charges include: intent to endanger life, conspiracy to commit murder, planned attempts to cause explosions, directing terrorism, and possession of a firearm.

The arrests come after a major investigation. Police and MI5 wanted to be sure they would attain convictions for everyone they arrested.

SpaceX's Falcon 9's Succeeds in Second Launch Attempt

After the first attempt failed on Saturday, SpaceX's Falcon 9 successfully launched early Tuesday morning.

Falcon 9 carried the Dragon Capsule into space, which is set to dock with International Space Station, on Friday.

The docking of the Dragon Capsule, which is carrying supplies to astronauts aboard the station, will mark the first time a commercial vehicle will be used for such a mission.

SpaceX, and other companies will be replacing the now retired NASA space shuttles, with their own reusable space craft.

Reports show that SpaceX is able to get into space for a third the price of what it cost NASA, an extremely marked improvement.

NASA plans to devote all it's own resources to deep space exploration.

Obama's Divisionary Policies Drop Kick Judeo-Christian America

Since the time I wrote Obama and American Jews' movement from Left to Right in July 2011, there has been further disillusion of the Obama administration by not only the Jews but many Americans including many Catholics. Obama's policies are dividing our nation.

Senator Marco Rubio, in a speech in North Carolina on May 19, 2012, said (about mark 38:10 of video below) of President Obama "We have not seen such a divisive figure in modern American history as we have over the last three and a half years." Obama is dividing the nation and forcing, not only the Jews but all of America, to choose sides in his class warfare, his first step in creating a completely socialist nation with him as it's leader. Divide and conquer. Slowly the nation is waking up to what Obama is doing and the path he is leading us down.

Rubio's speech is worth watching in its entirety.
If you are time limited, watch from time stamp 37 minutes.

While there are, and will always be staunch leftist/liberal/Progressive/Democratic die hard Jews, there are those who are moving from the far left towards the right moving toward the center and even right of center.

According to Public Religion Research Institute poll Jewish support of Obama is down from 78% in 2008 to 62% currently. That's a 16% drop. Many are seeing the failed policies of the Obama administration destroy America and her economy. They see the direction President Obama is taking, towards a socialist society, is not working. In their disillusionment many Jews, like other Americans, are moving away from socialist ideas and even away from the lesser progressive ideas and toward more centrist and conservative viewpoint. Some are simply moving away from Obama.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Not only is Obama chasing away the Jews, but the Catholics as well. 12 federal lawsuits by 43 Catholic institutions across the country in response to Obama’s contraception mandate Cardinal Timothy Dolan is leading the fight and has stated that the mandate is contrary to the “deeply held and constitutionally-protected religious beliefs” of Catholic organizations. Dolan is prepared to take the fight all the way to the Supreme Court.

Never in my lifetime do I remember the federal government being sued on such a large scale.

President Obama's approval rating has been gradually declining according to Rasmussen Reports

Even many those who remain liberal/leftist/Democratic are becoming disillusioned with Obama and will not vote for him. Many will be voting for the GOP candidate, who is likely to be Romney. Other's will be writing in or voting for a myriad of others. Some will abstain from voting altogether.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday, May 22, 2012 shows Romney gaining on President Obama with Obama earning 46% of the vote and Romney attracting 44% support. Four percent (4%) would vote for a third party candidate, while another six percent (6%) are undecided. The decline in Jewish and Catholic support will likely translate to fewer votes for Obama.

The Catholic vote was an important factor in his winning the 2008 election, losing it could mean the loss of some states, especially the swing states such as Florida. The Jewish vote could further help determine some of the swing states. It doesn't look good for the president that the states will swing his way.

Maryland Recognizes Gay Divorce

Maryland's Court of Appeals has announced that it will allow for gay divorces.

"A valid out-of-state same-sex marriage should be treated by Maryland courts as worthy of divorce, according to the applicable statues, reported cases, and court rules of this state," the court concluded in a 21-page ruling.

This decision comes despite that the state does not yet allow for gay marriage.

In January 2013, Maryland's law allowing for gay marriage will come into effect, though in November it is up for a challenge which could see it become illegal.

The biggest change is that Maryland will now recognize gay marriages from other states, which it had not previously done.

Denver to Install Parking Meter Sensors

Denver plans to follow in the foot steps of cities like Los Angeles and San Fransisco, by installing sensors to parking meters that will sense when a spot is empty.

The sensors will automatically reset a clock so that no time would be left over from a previous occupant. So no more will you be able to find any extra time.

They will also keep someone from adding money, beyond a point which an area can be used for. If it says no more than 2 hours, that's it, you'll have to move.

It will also the city to know where to send officers to place tickets, as soon as time expires on a spot, increasing efficiency.

An upside, will be that the city is working on an application for smart phones which would show people where a spot is available. Of course using your phone for anything, except phone calls, is now illegal in Colorado, so it's not clear when you could use such an app to your advantage.

Oregon Bans Native American Mascots

The state of Oregon has voted to ban all Native American mascots, deeming that such things are racist.

Schools will have five years within which to comply to the new law.

Eight high schools and unknown numbers of middle and elementary schools are affected by the ruling.

Seven other high schools, and an again unclear number of lower schools, which are named 'Warriors' will have to ensure their mascots and logos do not depict any form of Native Americans.

Oregon is in no way going to help with the amount of money that the law will require the schools to spend.

This new law makes Oregon the strictest on such matters.

Wisconsin had previously been, as they required schools to prove that their Indian mascots don't promote discrimination, harassment or stereotyping if someone complains.

US House Votes to Remove Troops in Europe

A bipartisan measure passed the US House on Friday, which would bring 15,000 troops out of Europe and back to the States.

The cuts would still leave 64,000 US troops stationed throughout western Europe, mostly in Germany.

Democratic Representative Jared Polis of Boulder, Colorado and Republican Representative Mike Coffman of Aurora, Colorado led the amendment.

Polis claims that by eliminating all US troops in Europe could save over a billion dollars a year.

However, it is unclear how this specific legislation would save money, as it just moves the troops from Europe to the States. It in no way cuts total troop numbers.

Coffman points this out, and hopes to see overall troop numbers lowered.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has a goal of reducing European troop numbers in half, down to around 40,000.

The Senate is now looking at it's own version of defense spending.

Anti-Protest Laws in Quebec

Today, May 22, marks one hundred days of continuous protests, which have often turned into riots in Montreal and Quebec City.

Most of the protesters have been college students angry over various social and economic issues, but mostly over tuition increases.

On Friday, Quebec's provincial legislature voted 68-48 for a new emergency law, Bill 78.

The new law pauses the current school year at schools affected by strikes; allows for large fines on anyone who tries blocking access to a school; and limits where, how, and for how long people can protest in Quebec.

Critics were quick to speak out against the approval of the bill, calling it the worst and most abusive law ever seen. The head of the Quebec Bar Association, Louis Masson, said Bill 78 violates constitutional rights, including freedom of speech and the right to demonstrate peacefully.

Bill 78 expires July of 2013.

Around the province, legislation was also approved for various other anti protest laws, including one which makes wearing masks illegal, at protests in Montreal.