Saturday, May 19, 2012

US Looking Into Fat Tax

The US government is looking at creating a 'fat tax' that would set a tax on any foods which have unhealthy fats in them. Currently a tax of around twenty percent is being considered.

Health researchers say that such a tax would reduce obesity, just as taxes on cigarettes have cut down on smoking. They suggest that obesity could be cut by three and a half percent.

Some European nations, such as France and Denmark, have already put such taxes in to place.

Sodas specifically would be a target of such a tax, as the sugar they contain increases appetite, instead of satisfying it.

However, according to economic studies, such a tax would hurt food industries and cause mass job loss.

Politically such a move could be dangerous as well. Any kind of tax increase could be difficult to force upon Americans who are already growing increasingly unhappy with their government's attempts to take more and more control of their lives.

Jackie Chan's Last Action Movie

Fifty-eight year old Jackie Chan announced that Chinese Zodiac will be his final action film.

He has spent seven years writing, producing, coordinating fight scenes, directing, and acting in the movie.

Jackie says retirement is coming, because his body is simply just tired from all the abuse it's taken over the years.

Chan plans on continuing to write, direct, produce, coordinate, and act.

Any future acting will be comedy and drama. "I want to show audiences I can act."

Release dates for Chinese Zodiac, have only been set for China and Hong Kong, so far.

SpaceX Launch Delayed by Glitch

SpaceX's Falcon 9, which had been scheduled to launch early this morning, found itself canceled with half a second left on the countdown.

Engine 5 was giving off readings that indicated too much pressure in the chamber.

For safety purposes the launch was halted as soon as the high readings began occurring.

Falcon 9's launch is now rescheduled for Tuesday.

The launch, and mission, will mark the first time that a privately owned capsule has docked with the International Space Station.

1200 pounds of non essential cargo is being carried aboard the Dragon Capsule, which Falcon 9 is supposed to take into space.