Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review: Lenny's Sub Shop

If you're looking for a really good sandwich, I've a place for you to go.

Lenny's Sub Shop at 3299 South Broadway Englewood, Colorado is worth the stop.

For a little bit more than you would pay at Subway or such, and you'll get a much better tasting one, that's a tad bigger as well.

You can watch them slice the meat and cheese, for each sandwich they make.

Not in the mood for a sub? How about one of their soups? They're made fresh daily.

Lenny's is as clean as can be for a food place, and the staff is also really friendly and fun.

Remembering: King George VI

On May 12, 1937 King George VI is crowned king of the United Kingdom.

His brother King Edward VIII abdicated on December 11, 1936, so that he could marry a divorced American woman.

Edward was the first English monarch to ever give up the throne voluntarily.

George had a speech impediment that he worked hard on to overcome. And overcome he did.

During World War II, George and his wife stayed in bomb damaged London, so show solidity with the people. He gave regular radio broadcasts to boost morale throughout the war.

In 1939, King George became the first English monarch to visit the United States and Canada, and after World War II, South Africa. Planned visits to Australia and New Zealand had to be canceled in 1949, when he became ill.

His illness did not keep him from his duties, and he kept doing them until his death in 1952.