Friday, May 11, 2012

Colorado Prom Broken Up With Lysol

Two moms who were chaperoning a high school dance are accused of spraying Lysol at students who were 'dirty dancing'.

The Manitou Springs High School prom was being held at the City Hall, April 22.

Police were notified when one of the students walked across the hall to the police desk and filed a complaint.

Students say that the spray got into their mouth and eyes, and that some of them were forced to leave.

The incident is under going further investigation to determine what actually happened. None of the students were injured, and only one of the eight is pressing charges.

Mayan Calendar Goes to 2012 and Beyond

A recently discovered dig in Guatemala shows that the Mayan calendar goes well beyond December 21, 2012.

Archaeologists believe the site to have been the home of a scribe or possibly even one of the Mayan astronomers.

On one wall, was painted a calendar. What made this specifically significant was that it didn't end with Baktun 13, but with Baktun 17. Four more Baktuns would add nearly 1600 years.

It is worth noting that the calendar does seem to put special significance to the end of Baktun 13.

National Geographic will be releasing more information on the dig in a future publication. So far they believe they've only uncovered less than a percent of what's there.