Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stabbing in Aurora Leaves One Dead

Around 4:30 Thursday afternoon, a fight broke out on an RTD bus, as it approached the intersection of Smoky Hill and Chambers.

According to police two men went after one man in the back of the bus. The man on his own stabbed both of the other men. One of them was stabbed in the chest, stumbled off the by then stopped bus and collapsed. The other man, pushed the knife wielder into the bus's windshield, which broke, and then ran into a nearby bar, for help, having suffered cuts to his hands.

Both the men who'd been stabbed, were taken to a nearby hospital, where the one was pronounced dead. The man with the knife is in police custody.

It is unknown, at this time, whether the man pulled the knife in self defense, or if the men went after him because he had pulled the knife.

Police have not released names, but did say all three men were between twenty and thirty years of age. None of the other ten passengers, or the driver were injured.

Russia Threatens Against European Missile Defense

Russia has threatened to use "destructive force preemptively" if the US continues it's plans to build a missile shield in Central Europe.

A fresh set of talks began Thursday, between Russia and NATO, but already Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said the talks were "close to a dead end".

Moscow believes that any kind of missile interceptor system would be a threat to their own security.

The US and her allies state that the system would primarily be to defend against Iranian and North Korean threats.

Ever since 2000, when President George W. Bush proposed a missile defense system in Europe, Russia and the US have argued over it. In 2008, President Obama scrapped the plan.

However, in 2010, Poland and the US signed an agreement to house a missile defense base at Poland's Redzikowo airstrip.

Jered Weaver Throws First No Hitter

Angel's pitcher Jered Weaver threw the first no hitter of his career, last night. It was the second no hitter of the MLB season, and the ninth in Angel's history.

He went the full nine innings, only seeing two batters reach base. One on a missed third strike, by the catcher, in the second; the other on a walk, in the seventh.

Weaver, who finished second in American League Cy Young voting, last year, struck out nine of the Twins' batters. Earlier this year he crossed the one thousand strike outs barrier, in his MLB career.

So far this season, Weaver is 4-0 with forty-five strike outs in 44.2 innings pitched. He is running an ERA of 1.61.

Junior Seau; Dead at 43

Football legend, Junior Seau was found dead on Wednesday, from a gunshot to his chest. Police are investigating, but do not suspect foul play.

A neighbor said he would often see Seau on the balcony, or in the ocean paddle boarding or surfing. Two days ago, he saw him playing the ukulele on his balcony, describing the tune as "Hawaiian-style music". "He was smiling and happy and looking at the sky and looking at the waves."

Seau's football career began in high school, where he also lettered in basketball and track and field. Football, though, was where he really shone, making All-American his senior year. From there he went to USC, posting nineteen sacks his final year there, gaining a unanimous first team All American spot.

In 1990, he was the fifth pick overall in the NFL draft. He quickly became one of the most popular players on the San Diego Chargers, and was nicknamed The Tasmanian Devil. In 2003, he would be traded to the Miami Dolphins, where he played til 2006, when they released him due to injuries.

On August 14, 2006 an extremely emotional Seau announced his retirement and signed a one day contract with the Chargers. But just four days later he signed with the New England Patriots, and played there through the 2009 season. January 13, 2010 he announced his intentions to retire, but never officially did.

Over his twenty year career, he was selected to the Pro Bowl twelve times. Perhaps the biggest highlight of his career was the 1994 AFC Championship game. In that game he was playing with a pinched nerve in his neck, yet had an astounding sixteen tackles.

Seau was consistently active in helping the area around Oceanside, California, especially the Samoan community. In 1992, Seau created the Junior Seau Foundation with the mission to educate and empower young people through the support of child abuse prevention, drug and alcohol awareness, recreational opportunities, anti-juvenile delinquency efforts and complimentary educational programs.