Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Canned Woodchuck Cider

In a bit of exciting news for cider lovers, Woodchuck Cider has announced that they have begun a canning line.

Woodchuck is one of the world leaders in cider making. Most notably known for their variety of flavors and great taste.

The company has been massively expanding, and can be found in more and more restaurants, bars, and liquor stores.

Towards which they also announced a new $24 million, state of the art facility, in Middlebury, Vermont. Sometime in July they will be breaking ground on it.

Exciting News About Our Growth

We at the TORARADICAL Communications Network want to share some exciting news with you.

April saw us end our second straight month with at least one hundred articles. Our ninth writer joined us, and we have nearly 350 articles so far this year, and over 400 total.

We have decided that we have reached the maximum of what Blogger can do for us, and will be moving to a WordPress format. Hopefully the move will be really smooth.

At, or around the same time as the move, the site will get a new look. One which will make us look like the up and coming leader in news that we are. Towards which we are in the process of hiring a web designer.

Once the new site is designed, we will be seeking sponsors who will pay to advertise on our site. We also are planning a gift shop.
We now have our own youtube channel. For now, it will mostly be for site updates, such as this, but we hope to begin hosting news stories on there as well. We are in the process of interviewing to fill our video production needs. A radio show is also in the works.

As of today are now paying our writers. This is a move which we are really proud to make as it shows how important we consider our writers. It also puts us ahead of most small sites, and even some large ones.

Thank you for your continued reading of our articles. You the reader are helping us grow.

If you are interested in joining our staff,  please contact us.

Counter Coup Being Attempted in Mali

Junta leader Amadou Sanogo
Forces of the Red Berets in Mali's capital have launched a counter coup against the Junta forces which took over the country in March.

Attempts were made to seize the airport, a key bridge, and the broadcasting station for national TV and radio.

The attempts on the station and appear to have been successful, and at last word they were headed for the airport.

A Junta spokesman accused foreign troops of aiding the Red Berets.