Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Lesson of Free Chris Loesch

Tonight we saw a small bit of the power that unified Conservatives have. We rallied together towards a common cause. That of defending one of our own. When Chris was suspended, for defending his wife, did we sit back and go 'O, that's a shame'. Like hell we did! We gathered the troops tweeting "#FreeChrisLoesch", "NoSeriouslyFreeChrisLoesch", "FreeChrisLoeschNow".

In answer to an organized attack on one of our own, we brought the war to them. And guess what happened, the liberals lost. That is what happens when all of the conservatives in the US unite, we win. And not only do we win, this country wins, for liberalism is the anti-freedom, and this country is based on freedom.

Many of us, very much including myself, have been disenchanted as we see that it does not appear there will be an actual conservative taking the nomination for President. More and more I heard that, "all was lost", "we need to split the vote", or some such things. And they weren't just coming from other people, I know I heard them in my own thoughts as well.

I am not in the least a fan of Mitt Romney. He is not a conservative. I've attacked him from time to time. But I have to hope he'll be better than Obama. Cause that looks to really be the choice we face. Voting for Obama, not voting at all (which is a vote for Obama), splitting the vote (which is a vote for Obama), or voting for Romney. So if it comes down to it, I will vote for Romney, for we must hang together or hang separately.

However, time is not up yet. There are some primaries left. And most importantly, there is the convention yet to be held. Until the convention is held, nothing is set in stone. Tonight showed us how powerful we can be when we unite.

Now imagine this. What if every conservative in America, not just the ones on Twitter, could rally behind an actual conservative candidate. If that happened, a conservative would not only take the Republican nomination, but from there take the Presidency as well.

But the real difficulty is finding one conservative in whom all conservatives could rally. I do not have an answer for you there. Many of the candidates who've already given up, were more conservative than Romney. Could one of them be brought back? Yes, if the conservative nation put down it's differences and asked them to. Or is there another, one who didn't run who they could unite behind? Again, I don't know that. I do know that it is necessary, and that it is possible.

United, conservatives will win everything. Conservatives are the silent (thought not as silent as liberals would wish) majority. Rally the troops, stop being so silent. Get together and unite behind a single actual conservative. If we don't, the peaceful future looks bleak.

Free Chris Loesch Takes Over Twitter

Twitter went ablaze Sunday night as Chris Loesch found himself suspended. He was suspended after defending his wife, Dana Loesch, who was receiving death and rape threats from a group of liberals.

Apparently, the same liberal group, that had been threatening Dana, got together and reported Chris for spam until Twitter automatically suspended the account.

Conservatives rallied around the hashtag #FreeChrisLoesch and others, managing to trend world wide. After about an hour Twitter reinstated him.

Calls for the Twitter algorithms to be changed have started up as well. Most suggesting that they simply be changed to not allow users to mark someone as spam, without stating why.

Update: Chris's account has been suspended again. Conservatives can now be seen rallying to #FreeChrisLoeschAgain. Calls of "All night long if necessary" have been seen.

Liberal elements on Twitter used the same method as they did the first time. And they are continuing to brag about doing so.

Information on other conservatives who've had or are having the same problem is coming to light.

The Twitter executives will have a headache when they wake up in the morning.

2nd Update: About 11am MDT Twitter finally, and supposedly permanently, reinstated Chris's account.

They also stated that they did the same for the other uses who were victims of the same behavior.

War Games in The Persian Gulf

The Peninsula Shield Force is holding war games in the Persian Gulf, Sunday and Monday.

These games are being called "Islands of Loyalty" and come amidst tensions between the UAE and Iran over islands that are located in the Strait of Hormuz.

Earlier, in April, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, visited one of the islands. In response UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Mohammed Gargash, said his nation was “fed up” with the Iranians’ “occupation” of the land. Dialogue between the two countries has become increasingly stronger since.

The Strait of Hormuz have been an extremely tense area ever since Iran threatened to close it, starting last December.  Nearly a fifth of the world's oil is transported through the strait.

Peninsula Shield Force is made up of troops from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the UAE.

Colorado Might Penalize For Not Drilling

A bill that is now in front of the Colorado house would penalize local areas for blocking or delaying oil and gas drilling.

Currently communities receive severance-tax revenues if they're affected by energy development.

The bill would penalize them by blocking them from receiving the extra revenue, if they do anything instill restrictions on oil and gas companies.

If passed, it would make Colorado all the more desirable for oil and gas producers.

Oil and gas finds within the state, have added it to the list of states which may each have more oil resources than Saudi Arabia. And then there's the natural gas to be looked at as well.

Wyoming, Alaska, and Utah are the others on that list. The Dakotas, Nebraska, Montana, and Idaho are each possibilities as well.

China and Russia Further Partnership

Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang met with Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin in Moscow over the weekend.

Keqiang stated that Russia and China see completely eye to eye on Syria and North Korea. The two countries have vetoed UN resolutions to increase sanctions against Syria, and are against the use of foreign troops to end the situation there.

They have both condemned an earlier launch by North Korea. But they both urge the rest of the world to remain patient with the defiant country.

He also said that the two countries signed trade agreements totaling at least $15 billion. They include contracts in, "transport, energy, communications, high technology and investment projects".

Earlier this month, the two countries held joint military exercises. The countries are working together to ensure that the world is no longer dominated by the United States.

600lb Bomb Found in Northern Ireland

Police in Northern Ireland found a 600lb unexploded bomb, on Thursday. They were able to disable it safely.

The bomb was found in an abandoned van in Newry, near the border with the Republic of Ireland. It is one of the largest ever found.

Chief Superintendent Alasdair Robinson stated that it could have caused "death and massive destruction" and that it had been "fully primed and ready for use".

This is the third attempted attack in the Newry area over the last few weeks, and police are believed to be the intended targets. Dissident Irish Republican Army groups are believed to be the plotters.

Early Saturday, a small bomb was found and disarmed by police, in Belfast. This one had been placed under a parked vehicle.

Saturday afternoon saw a rally, staged by mainstream Republicans, to protest violence.

Lebanon Seizes Weapons Bound for Syria

On Saturday, the Lebanese navy reported that they intercepted a ship that was carrying weapons and ammunition to Syrian opposition forces.

The ship, which had come from Libya, was carrying three containers filled with crates containing all sorts of weapons.

Syrian government officials have repeatedly accused Lebanon of allowing weapons to be smuggled through their territory.

The weapons, which included heavy weapon ammo, rocket propelled grenades, and fragmentation explosives, was apparently set to be delivered to the Syrian Free Army, one of the leading opposition groups.

Remembering: 20 K in a Game

On April 29, 1986 the Seattle Mariners visited the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

Roger Clemens, pitching for Boston, became the first pitcher in Major League Baseball history to throw twenty strikeouts in a nine inning game.

Twenty strike outs in a game has been managed three times since. Once each by Kerry Wood and Randy Johnson. And again by Roger Clemens, making him not only the first person to do it, but the only one to do it twice.

The previous record of nineteen had been set by St. Louis Cardinal Steve Carlton in 1969, and tied by Met Tom Seaver in 1970 and California Angel Nolan Ryan in 1974.

The most strikeouts in a game is still owned by Washington Senators' Tom Cheney, who in 1962 had twenty-one strikeouts in sixteen innings.