Saturday, April 28, 2012

Suadi Arabia Recalls Ambassador and Closes Embassy in Egypt

Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador to Egypt, closed the embassy in Cairo, and closed the consulates in Suez and Alexandria.

The move came after protests took place in front of all three locations, and threats were made against the staffs.

Egyptians were protesting the arrest of Egyptian lawyer Ahmed el-Geza. Saudi Arabia has sentenced him to a flogging and a year in prison for trying to smuggle drugs.

However, the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights says that el-Geza was detained for demanding that Saudi Arabia treat Egyptian residents better and for criticizing the kingdom on it's human rights record.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia have a tense history, as the two often compete for power in the region. Saudi Arabia has been particularly displeased with Egypt's revolution last year. Some Egyptians threaten to help bring revolution to Saudi Arabia.