Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Greece Cutting Pensions of 200,000 Dead and Liars

Greece has announced that it is halting benefits to over 200,000 people.

Investigations showed that benefits were continuing to go out to families of people who were dead, and others who had falsified their information in order to receive pensions.

Greece states that ending those accounts will save them nearly $1 billion, and that they will also be recouping all money that was fraudulently taken.

The government blames the previously uncaught fraud on people lying to authorities who were either too overwhelmed or corrupt.

Investigations are continuing, and Greece hopes to save even more money, as they catch more people.

According to budget information released earlier this month, the pension fund used up 44% of it's year's budget, within the first quarter.

Black Box For Your Car

In March, the United States Senate passed a bill that requires all new vehicles, starting with 2015 models, to have a "black box".

Many are concerned with the ease of which such devices would allow the government to track you.

Officially it would only record data before, during, and after a car crash and a privacy provision is included. But it does give the government the authority to access the black box in a number of circumstances including: court order, consent of the owner, an investigation or inspection, or to determine the need for emergency responses.

Additionally, the same bill allows the IRS to revoke passports of anyone who owes more than $50,000 in back taxes. An odd combination that has some conspiracy theorists in rabid form.

Some theorists have stated that if this technology was ever combined with biometric scanners, the government could control whether or not you could drive your own vehicle, where you could, or when you could.

Connecticut Removes Death Penalty

Connecticut's Democrat Governor Dannel P. Malloy signed a law Wednseday that removes the death penalty as a possible penalty for crimes.

Governor Malloy pushed the law through without media present, behind closed doors.

Polls taken by Quinnpac University after the signing show that 62% of the state supports the death penalty.

47% of the state disapprove of Malloy.

Hamas Executing Israeli Collaborators

Hamas has announced that it will begin executing anyone found to be collaborating with Israel.

The head of security in the Gaza Strip, Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hammad, made the announcement and also stated that they had arrested ten known collaborators.

Earlier in April, a Palestinian man was hanged by Hamas after being charged with being an informant for Israel. His identity was not released by Hamas.

The Palestinian Authority condemned the execution, stating that they had not authorized it. Executions are not supposed to take place without PA President Mahmoud Abbas' permission.

In the past Hamas, had granted pardons to collaborators who turned themselves in, confessed, and repented.

Unknown Symbols and Structures in China

A series of lines, symbols, roads, and structures in Northern China, near the Mongolian border, have been spotted through the use of Google Maps. They are near where China performs it's space operations, nuclear program, and some of it's most top secret military maneuvers.

The Telegraph was nice enough to link to the Google Maps location of some of them, and they are there. However the others weren't clearly marked, so not so easily found.

It is completely unknown what purpose they serve. The location would definitely suggest that it has some sort of military application. But as they are unrecognizable, everything is just guesses at this point.

Some were clearly built up, in some form or another, by the shadows the pictures show. Others you can't tell if area's were painted or just bulldozed flat.