Saturday, April 21, 2012

Deadly Violence in Bahrain

Violence continues in Bahrain as the people protest their government, and the government continues to send troops in to enforce peace.

One of the protest leaders, Salah Abbas Habib, was found beaten to death on Saturday. Witnesses state that police were responsible. Many other protesters were beaten as well, though none so severely.

The Minister of the Interior said an investigation was under way and asked for calm.

Protesters are trying to get the international formula one race cancelled.

Bahrain has been racked with protests for over a year now. The original protests were cracked down upon by government troops, who were joined by soldiers from Saudi Arabia.

The US has been very silent on condemning the brutality of the government. US Fifth fleet is head quartered in the country, and it is a crucial ally of the US.

UN to Expand Syria Mission

The UN Security Council has approved the expansion of it's peace mission in Syria from the current thirty, up to 300. Joined to the expansion was a demand from the council, that violence end immediately.

Critics point out that the UN brokered cease fire, has only really been effective when the peace keepers are in the way of fire. Also, only seven of the thirty peace keeper/observers have made it to Syria so far.

Homs, had been still being shelled until the observers arrived at the town. At that point government forces did cease fire. Arrests and firing upon protestors have continued in many cities. Attacks on government forces have not fully ceased either.

Vikings Could Go to Los Angeles

Minneapolis, Minnesota and the Vikings have been unable to come to an agreement on the Vikings' demand for a new stadium. The current contract ended last year, but it has been agreed that they'll stay through this year in the old stadium.

The Vikings have been angling for a $975-million stadium to be built partly on the Metrodome site, with the state shouldering $398 million of the load, the city paying $150 million, and the Vikings and the NFL covering the remaining $427 million.

Minnesota has recently helped both the Minnesota Twins and the University of Minnesota gain new stadiums. The Vikings are massively popular in the state, but other places might be willing to give them the stadium they desire.

Reports place a plane belonging to Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, as being in Southern California. Rumors are that he's met with Los Angeles city officials. Los Angeles has been without an NFL team since they lost both the Raiders and Rams to other cities.

Yemeni Forces Retaking Zinjibar

Yemen has announced that it's troops have retaken parts of Zinjibar.

The town had been captured by Al-Qaeda during last year's uprising against the now former president.

Fighting continues as the government continues it's work to reclaim the southern part of the country from Al-Qaeda.

Twelve enemy fighters were killed, whilst seven soldiers lost their lives.

Baby With 6 Legs Doing Well After Removal of 4

A baby born in Pakistan with six legs is doing well after doctors removed the four extra limbs. Jamal Raza, the director of National Institute of the Child Health in Karachi said it was a case of parasitic conjunction.

Parasitic conjunction is a condition where multiple babies were present in the womb, but conjoined, and then only one baby formed fully.

The Pakistani government announced that it will be taking care of all the expenses for the family.

China Releases Vietnamese Fisherman Held Captive

The Chinese have announced the release of twenty-one Vietnamese fishermen. For over a month the fisherman were detained for fishing near the Paracel Islands.

Both China and Vietnam claim the islands. China however controls them by default through occupation forces.

Earlier this month Chinese fishermen were caught fishing illegally in globally recognized Philippine waters, that China claims is theirs. This caused a standoff due to Chinese naval forces showing up to block the Philippines from making arrests.

China has become increasingly hostile and demanding that their claims, to nearly the entire South China Sea, be recognized.

Remembering: The Red Baron

April 21, 1918 the Red Baron is shot down by enemy fire.

Manfred von Richthofen, the son of a Prussian noble had been in the cavalry until 1915. It was then that he switched over to the Imperial Air Service and began terrorizing the skies.

In 1917, he switched from an Albatross biplane to a Fokker triplane. He had the plane painted completely red, in honor of his old cavalry regiment. The plane earned him the nickname, The Red Baron.

With 80 victories under his belt, he was by far the greatest pilot in WWI. But on April 21, he went too far behind enemy lines, and was shot down. British troops recovered his body, and at the age of 25, he was buried with full military honors.

Remembering: The Battle of San Jacinto

Sam Houston
The Texan army is reeling from multiple defeats at the hands of the Mexican army. The Alamo has fallen, and there seems to be nothing but retreat.

On, April 21, 1836, the Texas militia under Sam Houston launch a surprise attack against the forces of Mexican General Santa Anna.

The attack is completely effective, the Mexican army is routed, and many including Santa Anna are captured. In exchange for his freedom, Santa Anna agrees to recognize Texan independence.

Sam Houston would be elected President of the Lone Star Republic, and guide it towards becoming the twenty-eighth state.