Friday, April 13, 2012

Remembering: Hail and Lightning Kill 1,000 English Soldiers

April 13, 1360, while burning the suburbs of Paris, and preparing to march on Chartes, English troops find themselves in the middle of a storm. The storm, reportedly came out of nowhere, making the day "foul with mist, lightning, and hail".

As lightning struck killing some troops, hail fell killing hundreds of others. Around 1,000 English troops, including two of the leaders, were killed by the storm.

The heavy losses from the storm, were seen as a sign from God, that He was against the war, and England sued for peace. A treaty was signed on May 8, ending the first part of Hundred Years' War, which had began in 1337.

The war would renew in 1369, when the French attacked English holdings in Brittany. The second phase would last until 1453.

Bounty for Vampires in India

The villages surrounding the Indian town of Dharmapuri, are being threatened by vampires. Or so say the villagers who's cows have been mysteriously dying off.

Because of the threat, streets are empty from dusk on, and holy symbols have been painted on walls and doors to keep vampires away.

In response, government officials have offered a reward of one lakh of rupees, or nearly $2000, to anyone who can bring them a dead vampire.

O. Jayaraman, who announced the reward said, "It is a big hoax. Anti-socials whose illegal night activities such as bootlegging and liquor brewing have been disturbed are spreading rumours and killing cattle".

Colorado Sheriff Deputies Accused of Shooting Keg

Three Park County deputies have been suspended while accusations that they shot a keg at an under age party are being investigated.

Last weekend, the officers found a group of teens partying in a remote area of the Pike National Forest. Several of the teens were ticketed for underage drinking.

But according to some of the highschoolers, and their parents, two of the deputies fired a total of three shots at a chain that was holding a keg of beer to a tree.

Undersheriff Monte Gore says he has asked the Teller County Sheriff's Office to investigate the incident, to avoid conflict of interests.

Coup in Guinea-Bissau

Late Thursday night government troops seized part of the country's capital, including the ruling party's headquarters and the national radio and TV stations. So far the army has not made any official statements.

Outgoing prime minister and presidential hopeful, Carlos Gomes Junior's home came under attack, and he was kidnapped by some of the troops. His location is unknown. Nor is the where abouts of Raimundo Pereira, the country's interim president, known.

After the loud night, filled with military vehicles, gunshots, and explosions; the streets have been very quiet, with many people deciding to stay home.

Soldiers have taken up stations around foreign embassies, including the UN offices. They appear to be keeping anyone from seeking refuge on in the embassies.

The Economic Community of West African States, as well as other nations, have condemned the coup, calling for the return of order and law.