Saturday, April 7, 2012

No Country a Home

Kaiti Tidwell does not have a country which recognizes her as a citizen. Mexico does not recognize her as a citizen, nor will the US.

Since she was three months old, she has been a legal resident of the United States, and even legally been adopted by her parents, living in Centerpoint, Arkansas. But she was born in Mexico. As an infant she was floated across the Rio Grande in an inner tube.

The Tidwells adopted her at the age of four. They have applied for her citizenship six times, over the last 11 years, but the US government continuously rejects her since she wasn't born here, and isn't recognized by anywhere else.

In November 2011, she turned eighteen, and on May 5 will be considered an illegal immigrant, and be facing deportation.

Faced with rejection from the only country she has ever known, Kaiti has turned to Mexico. She is currently attempting to gain a Mexican citizenship, so that she could actually belong somewhere.

But even if successful in gaining one, she has no guarantee that she'll be able to return to the life she's grown up with, or even to the country that she has always considered home.