Friday, March 16, 2012

Clooney Arrested at Protest

George Clooney, his father, Democratic US Representative Jim Moran of Virginia, and NAACP President Ben Jealous have all been arrested at a protest outside of the Sudanese embassy in Washington DC. They were warned three times to not cross a police line, but continued to do so.

The protesters say that President Omar al-Bashir is causing a humanitarian crisis by blocking food and aid from entering the Nuba Mountains near the newly formed country of South Sudan. Clooney previously said he would take measures to draw media attention to the situation. Apparently being arrested was what he came up with.

One would think with Mr. Clooney's ease of access to the press, that there would be many other better options available to the former movie star. Maybe he is trying to add bad boy to his image? I seriously doubt he'll gain much notice to the cause of Sudan though. The majority of the press will skip over the 'why', solely to focus on that he was arrested.

Remembering: The Founding of West Point

March 16, 1802 Congress founds the United States Military Academy. The first military school in the United States, it's purpose is to educate and train young men, and since 1976 women as well, in the theory and practice of military science.

It's location along a turn of the Hudson River, in New York, made it a key fort during the Revolutionary War. The British sought to take it, so that they could enter the Hudson River Valley. One of the most infamous moments occurred when General Benedict Arnold sold his loyalty, and the fort, for 6000 pounds. His plot was found out, near the last minute, and he was branded a traitor for life.

In 1812, with another war with Britain looming, Congress expanded the facilities and size of the corps. And then in 1817, Sylvanus Thayer took over as superintendent. He would reorganize the school, to such an improved degree that he is now known as the "Father of West Point". Thanks to him, the school became a leading source of civil engineers.

By the time of the Mexican-American War, West Point graduates had spread throughout the Army. Unknown names would start to gain notice during that war. Those cadets would become the generals, on both sides, of the Civil War. Cadets fighting against cadets, the Point had been torn in two, just as the country had been. But it wouldn't be torn asunder, it would grow back stronger than ever.