Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Prime Minister Netanyahu's AIPAC Speech

Al Qaeda Attacks in Yemen

Al Qaeda forces in Yemen have killed nearly 200 Yemeni soldiers over the past couple days. Most of the deaths occurred in surprise attacks, that some sources say were helped with information given to the militants by high up connections with the government of Yemen. Retaliatory air strikes by the Yemen's air force, have killed around 40.

The militants captured weapons and ammunition during the attacks, including: rocket launchers, mortars, armored vehicles, and tanks. The air strikes have been aimed at destroying as many of the vehicles, ammunition, and weapons as possible.

Yemen is continuously facing issues as Al Qaeda has taken over part of the south of the country. Over the last few weeks the conflict has gone from near silence to small raids, to these large attacks.

The United States has promised to aid Yemen in it's fight against Al Qaeda, but little aid has been seen, other than verbal. For a short time last year US drones were launching air strikes against Al Qaeda targets, but that was stopped, for an unreleased reason.

US Navy Rescues Another Iranian Sailor

The USS Firebolt, in conjunction with the US Coast Guard Cutter Maui, performed a search and rescue mission Sunday. They were able to save one Iranian fisherman. Unfortunately the rest of the crew had already been lost to sea or died from hypothermia and shock.

They were later joined in the search by the USS Pearl Harbor and two Seahawk helicopters. But the search had to be called off due to bad weather. The Iranian fisherman was transferred to an Iranian coast guard vessel, after receiving medical treatment.

This is far from the first time United States forces have been involved in rescuing Iranians. In fact, it is the third reported rescue of 2012. The first time Iran criticized the US for likely having caused the need for the rescue. The second they didn't really comment, which is likely to be the same result of this incident.

Tensions continue to build between Iran and the US, as Iran refuses to halt it's nuclear program. Sanctions by the US, and other countries, have been having increasing effect on Iran, but it is unclear if they'll ever be enough to stop Iran from it's apparent, though denied, goal of nuclear weapons.

Dick Katte to Retire

After 52 years of teaching at Denver Christian, and 48 of being the head basketball coach, Dick Katte is going to retire. A standard maker for not just how to win, but how to treat players, Katte's presence has been felt far beyond that of the gym and classroom.

With a career record of 873-233 he has one of the best records of any coach, in any sport, in history. He has led the Crusaders to seven state titles, and they are three games away from an eighth. The gymnasium was named for him years ago, he has received hundreds of awards, and in some families has coached three generations worth of boys.

When asked on his success he simply said, "I just keep saying to people that God has been faithful and I've been blessed. I really believe that. As long as I can help young people, that gives me fulfillment."