Friday, March 2, 2012

Tornadoes Claim 38 More Lives

Tornadoes continue to pound the United States. Twelve people were killed Wednesday by twisters in six states. Today thirty-eight were lost to them, and that number could still grow. Seventeen states, from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes, between the Mississippi River and the Appalachian Mountains, were pretty much solid tornado warnings and watches today.

Southern Indiana, northern Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee were the hardest hit by the first series of storms today. The same part of Alabama, was hit by tornadoes last April, that killed 272. Marysville, Indiana and other towns are reportedly wiped off the map.

In some areas hail was reported all the way up to baseball and softball size. Henryville, Indiana's high school was destroyed, and the middle school's second story was torn off by a F4 tornado that hit there. Some people's entire houses are gone, without rubble left behind.

During the second stream of tornadoes Mississippi, northern Georgia, southern Ohio, Michigan and Illinois felt the blows. The National Weather Service stated that, "At one point, the storms were coming so fast that as many as four million people were within 25 miles of a tornado."

In Salem, Indiana a twenty month old girl was found, injured but miraculously alive. She had been picked up by the storm and carried for miles. She is in serious condition at a hospital, but has been reunited with her extended family, the bodies of her parents and brother were found in the rubble of their home.

Unfortunately a third round of tornadoes are continuing through the night. Reports of tornadoes throughout all of the seventeen states are coming in, though not all are confirmed. The Indiana National Guard has begun to send out troops to help with search and rescue, and are preparing to send out more troops in the morning, to help with the clean up.