Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Free The Girls

Last January, we brought you the story of how a local church was hosting Denver's Biggest Bra Drive, in conjunction with Free The Girls. Now CNN, has given them some great press, and told more of their story.

If you haven't heard of Free The Girls, they are a Denver based charity, which takes in donations of gently used bras and then ships them to Mozambique. In Mozambique, they are given to women, who then sell them in the street markets, so that they can get out or stay out of the sex trade.

Many of the women who are involved in the project were sold or forced into slavery and prostitution. The money they receive from selling the bras, not only keeps them free, but also allows them to purchase their own homes, and raise their families.

Free The Girls has seen massive growth, beyond their expectations since they began. They hope to soon be able to spread into other countries as well. One of their biggest struggles now, is not gathering donations of bras, but in shipping them to Mozambique, as the postage fees are quite expensive. If you'd like to help them, feel free to visit their website and donate or you can also help by purchasing T-shirts from their shop.