Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Self Driving Cars of Nevada

Nevada has yet another first on it's list. It now is the first state to form a legal code for autonomous cars. That's right, within the next couple of years, Nevada roads will be driven legally on by self driving cars.

The state has partnered with Google, car manufacturers, testing professionals, insurance companies, universities and law enforcement agencies to develop the regulations. Nevada expects to gain economically from the sales of the cars, and used that as a big reason to push the laws through.

There are the obvious safety concerns, though that is why so much time and effort is being put into the vehicles before mass production. But if, or now apparently when, they do start being mass produced, how long til President Obama begins complaining about jobs being taken from chauffeurs, as he has in the past about ATMs taking jobs from bankers.

Skiing to Starbucks

At 8,000 feet, it's likely the highest Starbucks in the world, but that's not what is getting it attention. This location is the first one with a ski through window, and is not accessible by car at all.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort, which hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics, pulled off the advertising coup, in scoring the store. Near the top of the resort's Funitel lift, it is open from nine am to four pm, making it one of the latest opening Starbucks as well.

It is very unlikely to remain as the only ski through Starbucks, for long. Already resorts around the world are vying for one of their own. Colorado ones, have especially expressed their jealousy, and their campaigns have begun to be the one to claim the second such location.

Inhalable Caffeine

One of the latest products to hit markets is called AeroShot. It is an inhaler the size of a lip stick container, that gives the user a 100 milligram dose of caffeine. Claiming to be breathable energy, it is but the latest in the market of ways to boost your energy levels.

The market is already loaded with natural, organic, and synthetic forms of energy boosters. From a cup of coffee or tea it has spread past pills or other energy drinks, to recently include tongue strips as well. Now this inhaler form is finding itself selling out of the locations that do sell it.

Available in New York, Massachusetts, and France AeroShot has found itself under investigation by the Food and Drug Administration. AeroShot gained the FDA's notice due to it's being marketed as a party enhancer. The FDA worries what the effects could be of taking caffeine in such a way, and has suggested that it could be harmful to minors. The creator say it is completely safe, but does state that the marketing is under consideration of redesign.