Sunday, February 19, 2012

Remembering: The Japanese American Internment Camps

On February 19, 1942, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066. The order called for the internment of anyone of Japanese descent, who was living on the west coast, of the United States, to camps elsewhere in the US. These camps were setup to prevent any possible Japanese spying, by these people.

Many of them, had never seen Japan, and had been born in the States. A lot of the children did not even speak any Japanese. Their citizenship meant nothing to the government, which used public fears over invasion as an excuse for the relocations.

Forced from their homes, many times without even being allowed to take anything but a suitcase of clothes for an entire family. By the time the war was over, those who went back to their homes found that their houses and business had been sold out from under them, without a cent being given to them for it.

When given the chance, many of the men of age and health joined the Army, in units such as the 442 Regiment. These Japanese American fought in the European theater, and were highly decorated.

Order 9066 and it's aftermath are one of the darkest days in American history. But from out of it came the greatness of those who had even greater obstacles to overcome, to be American. They shouldn't have had to earn it, but they did and wore it proudly.

Syrian Death Toll Near 10,000

The dead are continuing to pile up in Syria, as once again security forces targeted funerals by opening fire on them. Most of the country faces massacre any time they come out in groups, except during prayers. Yet, the protests continue even as tanks appear in more and more of the Syrian cities.

Armed resistance is growing, as some troops defect when ordered to shoot into unarmed crowds. But this is very far from a civil war. It is simply just too one sided of a conflict. Nor is it contained within Syria's borders. Last Sunday saw the violence spread to Syrian gangs in Lebanon.

Most of the world has enacted sanctions upon the government for it's violent ways. But the United Nations have been unable to pass international ones, due to vetoes from Russia and China. Last week the Arab League called for a joint mission with UN peacekeepers, to enforce peace in Syria. Russia was quick to pledge a veto of that as well.

Officials, in the United States defense department, have confirmed that it is flying drones over Syria, in hopes that the images they capture will put greater pressure on the world, to join them in pressuring President Bashar al-Assad to step down.

Estimates of the death toll in the conflict, which started last year, range from Syrian government reports of just over a thousand to the UN's estimate of 5,000. Syrian activists say near 8,500. As the activists only really count their dead, and the government mostly counts only it's own as well, the actual number could very well be over 10,000.

Iranian Warships in Mediterranean

Iranian warships have once again entered the Mediterranean Sea, and gone on to dock in Tartous, Syria, where Russia has sent ships, as well. Last February, was the first time since the Islamic Revolution, in 1979, that Iran's navy has done so. The move has been stated by Iranian state TV to be of "extreme worry for zionist forces", yet at the same time stating the ships are on a “message of peace".

Israel was quick to declare it a "provocative act", and denounce it as a "power play" by Iran. The Israeli government also warned Iran to keep the ships away for their coast, or the ships would be considered hostile.

Iran accompanied the move by announcing that they are cutting off oil exports to the United Kingdom and France. Though what they think this will accomplish remains to be seen, as both countries had led the European Union to enact sanctions against Iran. The power of the sanctions has been being felt throughout Iran. The United States, China, and the majority of the world have been involved in the sanctions as well. Only Russia's vetoes have kept the United Nations from joining in.

Terrorist Plot Against DC Thwarted by FBI; Wonkette Writer Furious

On February 17, 2012, a Muslim extremist was arrested attempting to bomb the U.S. Capitol. It wasn't your typical white, anti-contraception, Christian-Conservative male that we are used to seeing attempt a suicide mission on a U.S. landmark or military base. Fox News Reports:
Authorities arrested and charged Friday a Virginia man allegedly on his way to the U.S. Capitol for what he thought would be a suicide attack on one of the nation's most symbolic landmarks

The federal criminal complaint against the suspect identifies him as Amine El Khalifi, a 29-year-old Moroccan citizen who has been living in the United States illegally since 1999 after his visa expired. He was nabbed following a lengthy investigation by the FBI, initiated after he allegedly expressed interest in conducting an attack. Court documents say he came onto the radar screen in early December after he told an undercover agent about an earlier plan to bomb a northern Virginia building.

I suppose It's not all that surprising that a Muslim, here illegally, would attempt to harm Americans. It seems every few months there is some sort of thwarted attempt to attack the U.S. by a person or persons that have a connection with the peace-loving religion of Islam. I mean, if ├╝ber-Conservative Mitt Romney says they're peace-loving, they must be. Right?

What was surprising however, was the post I came across this morning from the disgraceful, Trig Palin obsessed website called Wonkette. You haven't heard of them? No worries, they probably have fewer readers than Keith Olbermann has viewers on that TV channel your remote probably doesn't go up to.


Jim Newell, Wonkette Contributor:
In a super-neato sting operation today, the FBI totally intercepted a Muslim Terrorist wearing a suicide bomb vest en route to the Capitol, to blow it up.

You can almost sense his contempt for the FBI in his first five words of the piece. But wait... mom hasn't disconnected his modem yet...
Sucker! Caught you! Go eat an Abortionplex-sized bag of dicks, guy! (But really, thank you for taking all of the pretend bombs our agents gave you and going with them on field trips to test explosives and all the other things we tricked you into doing so we could arrest you.)

The FBI is masterful when it comes to thwarting their own baroque terrorist plots in dramatic fashion at the very last minute, just as their scripts instruct them to do. The Feds foundtoday’s lucky arrestee, a 29-year-old Moroccan, about a year ago and thought, Sure, this one looks Muslim enough to me, he’ll do… now let’s start brainstorming a plot and getting him all the fake bombs and training and support he needs so we can arrest him in a year.

So, an illegal alien who also happens to be a peace-loving Muslim was interested in bombing a Virginia building. The FBI, when obtaining this information, pursued him through legal actions and thwarted the attack on the Capitol, preventing the potential loss of lives by not allowing him access to "real" bombs.

Jim continues his groundbreaking analysis and journalism only the Onion could make look good;
...All in all, another magnificent production — four stars. Will this be the year that the FBI *finally* wins that Best Director statuette it’s coveted for so long? Ugh, let’s not get into studio politics…

Uh oh! Is the fake terrorist scaring you, teevee flaphead?

Children are so impressionable.

I guess its not enough for Jim, or Wonkette for that matter (just a reminder of the website name in case you had his occupation confused with that of little orange men stirring chocolate and singing childhood nursery rhymes) that the FBI prevented a terrorist from taking peoples lives.

I'm not sure if Mr. Newell would've been content with the sting had the FBI provided Amine El Khalifi with actual explosives, or if lives had been lost. I do know, however, that that this attitude displayed by the extreme Left is destructive to our country and It's security.

Also, Mr. Newell, you do know that law enforcement portrays themselves as minors when nabbing sexual pedophiles? Right? I suppose that you believe law enforcement "tricked them into doing that so we could arrest them"