Monday, February 13, 2012

Attacks on Israeli Embassy Staff

Staff of Israeli embassies were attacked with bombs in India and Georgia. In New Delhi, several people were injured when the bomb went off there, after being placed on a car by a motorcyclist. In Tbilisi, police were able to defuse a similar bomb before it could go off.

Both attacks were copy cat versions of assassinations of Iranian scientists over the last years, including in January. Iran was quick to blame each of those attacks on Israel, the United States, and Great Britain; and had threatened revenge.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stated that these attacks clearly were done by Iran and Hezbollah. Adding that in the last few months, several other attacks in various countries, had been thwarted before they could be carried out. Recently the US had charged Iran with plotting an attack against a Saudi ambassador, in the States.

Iran responded to the charges, by the Prime Minister, with blame on Israel, saying the Israelis did them against their own people to cause problems for Iran. The Indian government stated that they will find out who is guilty of the attacks, and that they will bring them to justice. Israel has said they will not retaliate for these attacks, since no one was killed, but that the attackers should be wary.