Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Joe Coors for Congress

Joe Coors Jr. is running for Congress. He will be going up against longtime Democrat Ed Perlmutter, for Colorado's 7th Congressional District. In his speech he stated that there are "two distinct choices for voters this year. The first option is to continue the expansion of federal government both in size and scope, placing control of far too many decisions in the hands of bureaucrats. This is the voting record of the incumbent and the liberals in Washington, D.C. I believe the best option is the second option: Free enterprise with limited government that allows men and women to start and grow their businesses as large as their dreams will carry them. This formula has made our economy the largest in the world. This is what I will champion in Congress."

Liberal groups, as well as Perlmutter's campaign, have already begun the attacks against Coors. The focus so far is on his wealth, which is considerable thanks to the companies he owns, and those passed down through the family. Will be interesting to see how well he does. Unless another entry appears he will very likely have not just his Republican Party's backing, but the Tea Party as well as many independents.