Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Unrest in China

Unrest continues to strike nation after nation, and China is no stranger to it. The truth is hard to get out due to the total control of the media by the Chinese government, but some does get out. CNN reports that any articles written on the subject are quickly blocked out by the Chinese government, if they contain any information not being released by state media.

In Xinjiang province an extra 8000 police have been sent in to ensure "the lasting peace and social stability in the region." Xinjiang province is home to the Uighers people, who are mostly Muslim and do not even speak Chinese. The region has seen a rising tide of Han Chinese immigrants, and in 2009 was the scene of riots which killed at least 200 people. Very little is known about the current situation there, other than what state tv reports.

Sichuan province, home to large numbers of Tibetan communities has also seen a large crackdown. Both sides have confirmed deaths occurred, but the stories as to why are very different. The state media says that religious unrest is occurring and protesters attacked police with weapons, and places the blame on the Dalai Lama. Whereas, Tibetan rights groups are saying that police fired repeatedly into an unarmed peaceful protest. Any foreigners or press who attempt to enter the area are turned back well before they can reach the turmoil, with police stating that they can not let them in for their own safety.