Wednesday, January 18, 2012

US Helps Iranian Fishermen, Again

The United States Navy has once again come to the aid of Iranian fisherman. This marks the third time this month that they have done so. The first time the USS Kidd, freed a group that had been held captive, for over a month, by Somali pirates. Iran's response was to say thanks, but we think you rigged the whole thing. A few days later, the US Coast Guard saved a crew of fishermen who's boat was sinking out from under them. Iran refused to comment on that one. And now, a week later, this group is rescued by other fishermen, but don't have enough supplies. So what did the USS Dewey do? They gifted them with one hundred and fifty pounds of "food, water, medical, and hygienic supplies".

One would hope, and maybe even think, that such humanitarian acts of good will would help ease tensions between the United States and Iran, but that's not the case. If Iran deigns to respond, it will likely be another accusation or maybe continued harassment of US forces in the Persian Gulf. With Russia joining the verbal war, on the Iranian side, things have not gotten any better. President Obama may be trying to start a cold war with China, but it definitely looks like Russia is trying to get the old cold war going again.

Or maybe all of this US aid, of Iranians, will somehow reach the Iranian people and they will remember it. In all the violent revolutions and protests going on in the Middle East, as well as the belligerence of the Iranian government, the Iranian Green Movement seems to have been forgotten. With some real luck the people of Iran will find their way to freedom from the tyranny of Ahmadinejad and look upon the US as a friend.

Russia and The Wretched Tyrant

Russia has once again declared their support of the Syrian government. The Russians originally announced the support by sending an aircraft carrier flotilla to the country, and having each ship's captain go on Syrian TV pledging the support of the Rodina. And now Russia pledges to not only defend the country from outside interference, but block any UN resolution to even sanction the country. Russia claims that the "western countries" are one sided against the regime of President Assad. Earlier this week Russia also pledged to defend Iran, stating that any attack on Tehran would be counted as an attack on Moscow.

The United Kingdom's Prime Minister, David Cameron, has accused Iran and Lebanon's Hezbollah of aiding the regime of the "wretched tyrant". Stating that Turkey has proof of arms shipments to Syrian security forces. He continued to pledge that the UK would "lead the way" in ensuring stronger sanctions against Assad's regime. Interestingly enough, Hezbollah just this week released a statement of support for President Bashar al-Assad's crackdown, and added that all members of the opposition should turn themselves in and accept an offer of amnesty.

Arab League observers are still hoping that their presence will end the violence, that has killed an estimated fifty-five hundred people since March. So far they have been ineffective, and may have actually been the cause for more. China, however is strongly encouraging their continued and expanded presence. The Arab League says they will continue debate on Syria, Saturday and Sunday. The Emir of Qatar is calling for troops to be used to ensure peace, but so far he is alone in that.