Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One Year Down, Now to The Future

It was one year and two days ago, January 15, 2011, that I posted my first blog. On March 29, 2011 Landmark Report published the first of several pieces I had written. The year ended with fifty-five entries, and just under nineteen thousand views.

Now in 2012, currently sitting at 21,415 views, this will be the twenty-fifth piece of the year, with hopes to surpass last year's total in just the month of January. This year has already seen some big changes. The blog has gone from being just a blogger site, to having it's own domain. It has it's own Twitter account and, as of today, a Facebook one too.

Plans are underway to see the basic layout, that you currently see, be replaced with an entirely new design. The focus will still be on news, current events, and politics; but areas for food, sports, music, movies, gaming, and others will appear. By the end of 2012, our goal is to be more than a staff of one and to be using multiple medias to reach you.

We are very grateful to all of you who have supported and spread us throughout our first year of adventures. We hope you will continue to bear with us through the coming growing pains, and that you are as excited as us to see what the next year (and the many beyond that) will bring. You the readers have made this all possible. Thank you!

Centaurs and Tattooine

A centaur is but one of the skeletons you will see at the "Mythological Wildlife" exhibit at Tucson's International Wildlife Museum. The latest exhibit was designed by sculptor and zoologist Bill Willers from the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh. The goal is mostly to get people to open their minds, and explore the possibilities of what was, or might have been. And then there's just the fun of it. Scheduled to be showing til 2014, you may want to take the opportunity to see this, and the regular exhibits of actual animals, if you have the chance.

Scientists now estimate that the Tattooine planets, are but two of a possible one hundred billion planets in existence throughout the universe. Up to seven hundred planets have already been confirmed by astronomers, who now figure that on average every star could have at least one planet. Their main goal is to find habitable ones in the "Goldilocks zone", unfortunately with not much luck so far. They do however keep discovering new planets, doing new things, and continue to help us expand our imaginations.

The importance of human imagination can never be underestimated. It is what makes us intelligent beings. Without the ability to creatively think, we wouldn't truly be sentient.  No matter what remember to just think about the possibilities of how to better the world.

I Have a Dream

Easily one of the greatest Americans of all time, let alone the 20th century, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for what he believed in, equality and freedom for all. His policies of peaceful protest and civil disobedience were very key towards his success. His "I Have a Dream" speech is one of the most famous in all of history, and is often quoted still. His death is one of the greatest tragedies in American history. One can't help but wonder how much more he could have accomplished had he lived a longer life. He is one man that I can truly say I would love to have had the respect of.

Like the great Martin Luther King Jr. I too have a dream, one that I truly believe he would have shared.
I dream of the day where colour truly doesn't matter. Where race, sex, or age are just descriptions not qualifiers.
I have a dream of an America where all men are truly created equal. Where how a person does things matters more than what they do for a living. Where equality will be earned on moral grounds, not enforced by government regulations.
I have a dream that my children will not be shackled in debt to big government. That they will be free of oppression from all levels of government, especially any foreign one. Where their fellow man will be willing to work beside them to build this great country called America; not destroy it with excessive government programs, high taxation, and foreign debt.
I have a dream that America will be ruled by morality, justice and law; not by taxation, tyranny, and political correctness.
I have a dream that politicians won't be industry and special interests' bought puppets, but men and women of moral character that felt the call to public service to improve the country for all Americans. People who believe in American exceptionalism and will bring America back to being the single world leader in everything.

Russia to Defend Iran

After the assassination of a scientist in Tehran, Iran was quick to point blame at Israel and the United States. Now, they claim to have proof that the American CIA and British MI6 were directly involved. The US has denied any role and Britain condemned the killing of any civilians, whilst Israel said they weren't directly inolved. Gen. Masoud Jazayeri, spokesman for Iran’s military, was quoted by one of the Iranian state news channels, ISNA, as saying that Tehran was “reviewing the punishment” of “behind-the-scene elements” involved in the assassination. An obvious message that Iran is planning to retaliate.

United States Navy and Coast Guard forces have saved Iranian sailors twice in recent weeks. The Iranian response was to accuse the US of staging the first rescue, and then completely ignored the second. And now they harass US ships in a continued thank you. This does nothing to help ease tensions that are at all time highs due to the assassination of the scientist and Iran's threats to close the Strait of Hormuz over promised sanctions, due to Iran's continued nuclear program. President Ahmadinejad stated once again that sanctions will not have any effect on the program, and that any military intervention will be dealt with firmly.

Russia not content to only state that they will back the Syrian government against it's opposition, have now decided to stand with Iran as well. The Russian government has stated that, "Any attack on Tehran is an attack on Moscow". This complicates any decision by the US and her allies, or the UN for that matter, to enforce the end of Iran's nuclear program. Russia's bringing in of naval forces to the area, has been countered by the French and British navies. China, and now Japan, have spoken out against further sanctions as well, but unlike Russia have not stated they will defend Iran with their own military forces.

Turkey on the other hand has publicly joined the US side of the argument, as a radar station has been made operational in Turkey. The base is manned by Turkish and US forces. Iran has issued a protest against US involvement in the area.