Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Iranian Scientist Assassinated

Considering it was a bomb that killed the Iranian scientist, that car looks pretty good. Whoever did do this, knew their stuff and made very sure that they wouldn't get much more than their target. Two other people were killed, but they were in the car. Which is why we will call it an assassination, not a terrorist attack or simply even a killing. This was nothing but a short and simple hit against a specific person. And of course it took Iran less than five minutes to start blaming it on those "Evil Zionists" aka Israel.

Now why would Israel wish to do such a thing? Maybe because Iran is building up a nuclear stockpile and has stated they wish to see Israel wiped from the earth? No, that couldn't be it. Interestingly enough though, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, did have ties to and had supported opponents of Ahmadinejad, which could have made him a target for the Iranian government. Scientists connected with nuclear projects in Iran do have a tendency of dying violently. In January 2010 Massoud Ali Mohammadi had the same issue of a bomb under his car. Majid Shahriari bit it under the same circumstances in November 2010. A group of motorcycled "assailants" beat Daryoush Rezaie to death in July 2011. And these are just the ones that have been told to us. We won't ever really know who did this, could've been Luxembourg or Laos for all we really know.

Whoever did, such an act is only going to increase tensions, that are already extremely high, between Iran and the rest of the world. Iran's nuclear program is a top sore spot internationally, with even Russia verbally disapproving.  The sanctions placed by most countries on them, have given Iran excuse to make threats to close the Strait of Hormuz, through which a sixth of the western world's oil flows; as well as threaten US naval vessels. Even the United States rescuing of Iranian sailors has been met with some hostility.

What really got me was CNN's statements on it. "Iran uses the term 'Zionist' to refer to Israel. The nation has been engaged in a war of words with Israel, whom it accuses of trying to destabilize the republic." War of words? Really?! Iran constantly threatens Israel, refuses to recognize Israel's right to exist, denies the Holocaust happened, and (as already menioned) wants Israel wiped from the earth; and all you can say is "war of words"? From now on we'll just go with Iran has a slight dislike towards Israel, or they're having a small disagreement.

However, I did approve of CNN's comment that "Israel does not comment on such claims" of being connected to violent acts of assassination. They truly don't, not even to deny it. In the past (and I really wish I could find this article again) the closest they've come to it, was a former head of Mossad saying that, "There aren't such things as coincidences, but when so many things come together you have to believe there's a guiding force. Maybe even the hand of God."