Sunday, January 8, 2012

More on Santorum

Via Twitter, I was told that this article defending Rick Santorum was a rebuttal to my own article "Who is Rick Santorum?", so I felt I really should respond to it as well. It would be really easy to simply respond with this article: "The Santorum That America Doesn't Know", which was sent to me by @politiJim, and was written by a reporter who followed Santorum for twelve of the years that he was in office. It includes ten points which pretty much show Santorum to be a rather corrupt individual. Ironically I had been told to investigate some of this very information by @Bpepoydensmore, whilst I was writing the first article. I kind of find myself at an "are there enough nails in the coffin yet?" moment.

The numbers for Santorum show he's voted for some great things, including voting for welfare reform and fixing social security even when the economy was good. Yet the financial numbers say which way he actually votes. He votes for the money into his own pocket. Now yes that is something most politicians do, which is why we don't like career politicians. However Santorum is someone who claims and is praised by some for being an honest conservative person, let alone politician. That just doesn't add up. As Chris Rock says in Head of State, "That ain't right!".

Partially annoying, actually very annoying to me, is how much of the time I see people defending Santorum by saying, "Well Gingrich did it." "Romney did it.". That doesn't matter, nor does it make it right. If Santorum really wants to show he's the biggest conservative then he's going to have to find some magic, because I don't really see how it is possible.

All of the candidates have faults, they are human after all, but Santorum to me seems the most hypocritical of the lot. And that is why I won't support him unless it truly did come down to him and Obama. Because we can't forget that we must "Hang Together or Hang Separately". For even as much as we are totally in the midst of ripping apart all of the Republican candidates, we must in the end remember who the really enemy is, and what we are fighting for.

Arab League Debates Syria, Russia Picks a Side

As previously reported, the protests in Syria have been spreading rapidly with the arrival of Arab League observers. The opposition has paused from threatening Israel, to defend itself against charges of terrorism. Apparently President Bashar al-Assad, knows how to strike back where it hurts, with bad public relations.

With the spreading of the protests, so came increased violence. Suicide bombings began occurring at various government buildings. The al-Assad regime was quick to blame the attacks on the opposition. The opposition claims no responsibility, and has even responded back that the government made the attacks happen so as to make the movement look bad. The Arab League observers have been unable to say which side was responsible, but it is unlikely anyone could ever know due to the ever so splintered opposition movement and the secrecy of the totalitarian government. A nice touch by the government was to hold the funerals for slain police officers in a mosque that has been a center for the opposition. Now it is a loyalist stronghold. Armed conflict has also continued to build as Syrian military forces continue to fight against their own who have defected to join rebel forces across the country.

Many Syrians blame the Arab League observers for the increased violence, as no matter who loaded it on, did it surely for the viewing pleasure of the observers. The Arab League has backed off it's own calls for withdrawing the observers, to a debate of deciding whether to increase it's own presence or ask the United Nations for help. UN involvement does seem an eventuality, but the major groups of Syrian opposition have made it clear they do not want it.

An event of interest was the arrival of a Russian flotilla in Tartus, Syria. This naval group did include an aircraft carrier, and members of it were quoted as saying they were sent to show Russia's support for President al-Assad. Russia has upped the ante, as all other international nations have either stayed out of the Syrian conflict, or condemned the regime for it's violent crackdowns.

Iran Adds to The Pile

Iran has now begun uranium enrichment at it's Fordo location. This enrichment facility is an estimated three hundred feet under ground, to protect it from possible air strikes. It is also reportedly the home of Iran's most efficient centrifuges, and will be the focus of enriching uranium to a point well beyond what it is needed for energy output. Fordo is the most likely location for Iran to build weapons grade uranium at because of it's deep defensive location as well as it's isolation.

At the same time Iran has continued to build hostilities with the world. Revolutionary Guard deputy commander Ali Ashraf Nouri stated that Iran will block the Strait of Hormuz, where a sixth of western oil sails through, if oil exports are sanctioned as promised by, President of The United States, Barack Obama and other world leaders. The sanctions were brought into law, though not act yet, in response to Iran's refusal to halt previous enrichment that was a little above energy grade. The beginning of production of even higher grade uranium at the Fordo facility, clearly shows Iran's response to the world.

Diplomacy has failed with the Iranian government. Sanctions has failed as well. Setting up a stage semi-reminiscent of late 1930s Japan. Will it take such a major war to end the situation with Iran? Or can a peaceful situation yet be attained? Difficult to see hope when the antagonistic regime in Tehran not only refuses to acknowledge Israel's right to exist, but has pledged to see her and her allies wiped from the earth. Hardly the sort of people one wishes to see with weapons that could wipe a city at a time out.