Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Heavily Tattooed Vladimir Franz Running For Czech President

Vladimir Franz, a fifty-three year old drama professor, painter, and composer, is running for President in the Czech Republic.

Franz is described as a moderate who strongly believes in democracy, human rights, tolerance, and in finding answers to the energy crisis.

What makes him stand out is his appearance.

Franz has dyed blue hair, multiple facial piercings, and tattoos covering more than ninety percent of his body.

His appearance has caused supporters of Vaclav Klaus, the current President, to suggest he is running as a joke, but he is completely serious about his run.

Doctor Franz, as he could go by, due to his doctorate in law, is considered a long shot, but his growing support could actually make him a true contender in the election.

Some will or won't vote for him simply due to his appearance, but the majority of the country believes in the very things he stands for, in fact polls would suggest that he is much more aligned with their views than Klaus is.

If Franz was to win, he would become the first president to openly show tattoos.

This election could very truly show if an entire country can accept tattoos, in a very public way.

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