Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nebraska Upset About EPA Using Drones to Spy on Farmers

The EPA has recently admitted that it is using drones to enforce the Clean Water Act over Nebraska and Iowa.

Nebraska's Congress sent the EPA a rather unhappy letter, demanding that such actions cease immediately.

State Representatives and Senators praise their constituents on taking great care of Nebraska's natural resources.

The bipartisan group argues that the use of drones gravely exceeds the EPA's authority.

They also argue that it is a clear violation of the privacy of US citizens, especially as the drones are flying over homes.

Drones are becoming an increasingly controversial topic, throughout the world.

Pakistan has repeatedly decried the use of them, by the US, over their territory.

Police departments are currently banned, by the federal government, from using drones, but manufacturers are beginning to market them to the more than 18,000 police jurisdictions.

Federal departments are not required to get a warrant before using drones. If their use spreads to police, that may have to change. Many argue it should anyways.


  1. According to stories published in the Knoxville News Sentinel in recent weeks, at least two TN law enforcement agencies now have drones. Another had applied. If this report is true, they are already in the possession of law enforcement here.

  2. EPA uses piloted Cessnas with an EPA employee and a camera taking photos out of the window. BIG difference. Never used drones.