Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Amazon TV

Amazon has announced that it will begin developing it's own TV shows. Focus will be on comedies and children's shows. The shows will be available through Amazon's streaming service, Amazon Instant Video.

At this point Amazon is offering as much as $55,000 and five percent royalties to anyone who's show idea is turned into a full series.

TV shows were a natural progression from the company's already begun movie making segment.

In November of 2010, Amazon launched Amazon Studios, to begin creating it's own movies. So far Amazon Studios has received over 700 test films, and more than 7,000 scripts. Fifteen movies are currently under production.

Both the movies and shows will also be part of Amazon's Prime service. For $79 a year, members receive unlimited streaming, free two day delivery on an unlimited number of items, as well as other services.

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