Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Syria Continues Shelling

Syrian government forces continue to violate the cease fire. Wednesday they renewed the shelling of parts of Homs. The state news agency, SANA, reported that roadside bombs in Idlib and Aleppo killed ten soldiers and a civilian.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem insists that the government is doing everything in it's power to have a cease fire. He went as far as offering the Syrian air force's planes and helicopters to carry around UN observers.

With both sides violating the cease fire, there really is no hope left for the truce. Time is just ticking for the conflicts to go full fledged again.

The world sits and watches unable to do much more. If they admit that the cease fire has been ineffective, the leave themselves with little choices. The only real ones there are, would be to send their own troops in to try and enforce a peace, arm the rebels, or stay out of it completely and watch the country continue to implode.

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