Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Lesson of Free Chris Loesch

Tonight we saw a small bit of the power that unified Conservatives have. We rallied together towards a common cause. That of defending one of our own. When Chris was suspended, for defending his wife, did we sit back and go 'O, that's a shame'. Like hell we did! We gathered the troops tweeting "#FreeChrisLoesch", "NoSeriouslyFreeChrisLoesch", "FreeChrisLoeschNow".

In answer to an organized attack on one of our own, we brought the war to them. And guess what happened, the liberals lost. That is what happens when all of the conservatives in the US unite, we win. And not only do we win, this country wins, for liberalism is the anti-freedom, and this country is based on freedom.

Many of us, very much including myself, have been disenchanted as we see that it does not appear there will be an actual conservative taking the nomination for President. More and more I heard that, "all was lost", "we need to split the vote", or some such things. And they weren't just coming from other people, I know I heard them in my own thoughts as well.

I am not in the least a fan of Mitt Romney. He is not a conservative. I've attacked him from time to time. But I have to hope he'll be better than Obama. Cause that looks to really be the choice we face. Voting for Obama, not voting at all (which is a vote for Obama), splitting the vote (which is a vote for Obama), or voting for Romney. So if it comes down to it, I will vote for Romney, for we must hang together or hang separately.

However, time is not up yet. There are some primaries left. And most importantly, there is the convention yet to be held. Until the convention is held, nothing is set in stone. Tonight showed us how powerful we can be when we unite.

Now imagine this. What if every conservative in America, not just the ones on Twitter, could rally behind an actual conservative candidate. If that happened, a conservative would not only take the Republican nomination, but from there take the Presidency as well.

But the real difficulty is finding one conservative in whom all conservatives could rally. I do not have an answer for you there. Many of the candidates who've already given up, were more conservative than Romney. Could one of them be brought back? Yes, if the conservative nation put down it's differences and asked them to. Or is there another, one who didn't run who they could unite behind? Again, I don't know that. I do know that it is necessary, and that it is possible.

United, conservatives will win everything. Conservatives are the silent (thought not as silent as liberals would wish) majority. Rally the troops, stop being so silent. Get together and unite behind a single actual conservative. If we don't, the peaceful future looks bleak.

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