Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Latest From Mexico and The Drug War

Well at least we can see that the Mexican government is taking the drug war a little more seriously. As of today they disbanded the entire nine hundred person Veracruz-Boca Del Rio police force. No small measure there. Since they don't know who the corrupt cops are, they're getting rid of every single one of them and having the Mexican Navy take over law enforcement for the area. Former members of the police force can rejoin, after passing a series of loyalty tests. Would be interesting to find out what that involves.
The slashing attempt to curb corruption comes in answer to sixty-seven bodies being found in four sites, in the area, thought to be the scenes of a major battle between two of the largest drug gangs. This isn't the first area where Mexican armed forces or federal police have taken over, but the largest to this point.
Quite an interesting and bold statement by the Mexican government, it is inspiring to actually see a government making steps towards ending this major issue, which effects a good portion, if not all, of North America. And the question still remains will they ever be able to stem the flow?
The United States has been seen to do less and less under the Obama administration. That administration has definitely done nothing visible to increase help against the cartels. At least to public view, they seem to have stopped caring about that war, and even ignored drug gang's encroachment into US territory.
One thing is for sure, Mexico's job would be made easier if a certain person named Holder would not have been supplying the drug cartels with guns and ammunition. We can only hope that Holder and anyone else who was responsible for that be held accountable for not just crimes against the United States and Mexico, but literally war crimes against humanity.
For now though, good move Mexico! Proud to see someone working on the problem facing us all.