Sunday, December 18, 2011

Passing of Kim Jong Il

At the age of 69, Kim Jong Il has died. The 'Dear Leader' of the Communist nation had ruled since 1994 when his father had died. Apparently he died on a train Saturday, with the North Korean government taking the time in between to strengthen it's grasp and avoid any riot or such. Kim Jong Il, leaves a greatly impoverished country, that has a military over one million strong.
His leadership caused former President George W. Bush to list North Korea as part of the 'axis of evil'. Definitely one of the worst dictators of this century, he will very unlikely be missed in the world.
At the news of his death South Korea went on high alert, whilst their government and that of Japan went into emergency meetings. His expected successor is his third son, Kimg Jong Un, of which little is really known. Un, was not even really seen until the last couple years as he was brought to the forefront and given the rank equivalent to that of a four star general. He is thought to have studied computer sciences. Much of the next while will depend on him, and how he takes the reins of power.
Will he lead the people in the footsteps of his father and grandfather? Will he attempt to lead them out of the darkness of communism towards a more free state? Will he aim for somewhere inbetween, more in the lines of China? Or will he even be the one to make the decisions?
Only time will tell, and the next few days in North Korea will be crucial in the telling.