Monday, December 12, 2011

Welcome to America, Occupy

Remember when Occupy was just an annoying distraction? Ah the good ole days.
Now instead of just "peacefully" trashing parks, they've gone on a move to disrupt even more of the working American's lives. Today they moved into being "Occupy Walmart". Parks were one thing, but this is where millions of Americans work, let alone shop and take their kids.
Many people like to take shots at Walmart and "the people of Walmart", but the company is about as American as you can get. It believes in the free market system, the people who work for it, and giving back to the communities. O no one can deny that Sam Walton's kids are ridiculously well off. But Walmart and Sam's Club stores give back hundreds of thousands each to charities, medical foundations, and other community helpers in their areas.
And this is now the company that they've chosen to protest. Once again they've chosen to protest a lot of what makes America great, rather than the actual problems that sit in Washington.
But all that you my readers know, as you're intelligent Americans unlike the occupiers.
I really wanted to hit on some highlights of the attempt by Occupy to block a Walmart distribution center in Loveland, Colorado.
This was apparently organized by Occupy Denver, but led by a member of Occupy Oakland. You may remember Occupy Oakland as the ones who keep trying to shut down the port there, and cause other forms of general mayham like rape and murder. The arrests have definitely increased with 13 of 50 Occupiers taken into custody for blocking Walmart trucks from entering and leaving the center.
Out of today at Loveland, came my (at least so far in the movement) all time favourite quote from Occupy: "I'm out here for fairness for all people of this country," said Loveland resident Carla Massaro. "Corporations are not people. I have a sign on my car that says, 'I refuse to believe corporations are people until Texas executes one.'" Wait! Did Occupy just say they're pro death penalty?
But my definite all time favourite moment was that whilst the Loveland police sent out their SWAT, the Larimer County Sheriff sent the Posse. Was great seeing the Occupiers met by horses ridden by cowboys with long mustaches. Welcome to America!
Also very proud of the police who were there. Even one protestor that was arrested commented on how polite and nice the officers that arrested him were.