Monday, November 21, 2011

F16s to Indonesia

In case you missed it, we are now giving F-16s to Indonesia. Yes, not selling, but giving 25 of our fighters. To a quote unquote friendly nation. Yes, Indonesia is one of the more powerful nations in that part of the world, and strategically key due to its location, since we seem to be beginning a cold war with China. But, it is one of the most unstable governments in the area as well, constantly fighting rebels and separatists. The country is also a haven for terrorists, including Al Qaeda, who last I checked we were still at war with.
So lets repeat, we are gifting F 16s to an unstable government, who is only semi friendly, that harbours (or at least doesn't fight to get rid of) terrorist organizations that are currently at war with The United States of America. What could go wrong?
If we are serious about giving away military tech (that may be old for us, but is still beyond top of the line for most countries) how about we give it to a proven friend, that's stable, and helping us fight the war on terror? But that would be intelligent, and the administration again and again shows it is not that.
The only real possible benefit to this is the increased presence around China, but does any really thinking Indonesia would get involved if the situation actually went to war? No, they'll stay out of it, then back the winner.
At the very least we could've sold the jets to them, then we'd at least have gotten something out of it. We are facing a bad economy aren't we? O it wouldn't have solved it or anything, but when refurbishing the engines costs up to $30 million a plane, you know we could've made a few billion easy.
So President Obama and Secretary Clinton, what real benefit was there to handing over our technology to a place that will likely lose it all too quickly to our enemies? I'd love to hear about it or see it.
Lets face it, this at best another blunder by the administration, if not a complete failure. Hopefully our troops will never be shot at with these planes, but I'm sure the tech will lead to something new being shot at them.

Update: This article was picked up by Landmark Report.