Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Blogcon11 and Plans

For those that totally missed it, Blogcon11 was this weekend here in Denver. Sadly I missed out on the conference, due to not being able to get it off work. Luckily, I was able to head on down Saturday evening and spend time meeting and conversing with various bloggers and twitterers. This did mean I missed Occupy Denver's attempted invasion, but did get to see a few of them (and the police keeping an eye on them) on my way to the hotel where blog con was at.
A very special thanks to @Jimmiebjr for introducing me to many of those that I met, the blogging and cpac advice, and talking with me most of the night.
Someone else that I met, and spent most of the night was Karen Harrington who is running for Congress in Florida's 20th district. She was awesome, totally real, and literally just hung out with us the whole night. If I lived in her district she would completely have my vote, I'd likely even volunteer at her campaign.
Through out the night I met a couple dozen people, some of whom I talk to regularly, others who are known to many of you, and some who I'm sad I hadn't heard of before.
If you're reading this and I didn't specifically mention you, it's not meant as a slight, I did consider mentioning everyone I met in here, but decided that was too much like bragging rather than thanks. Many of you I didn't get to talk to as much as I'd've liked, and some of you I did get to for bits at various times. I'm grateful for all of you who took the time to meet and talk with me. Definitely look forward to expanding that in the future.
To those that I didn't get to meet, I'm saddened by that, but time was limited. Hopefully we'll get to rectify that soon!
Twas all in all a great night, and I really hope I get the chance to repeat it at Cpac12.
If you haven't had the chance to meet people like that or go to a convention, you should seriously think about it. Tis definitely worth it!

There are some things that were suggested to me, that I had been thinking of anyways, which will hopefully help me become a better blogger for you. I'm going to do my best to find a time, that each week I can write on something, so that y'all can always expect some kind of regular piece. For me it will be a bit of a struggle as I generally only write when inspired, as I like those pieces since they just flow out.
Also, I hope to purchase a notepad of some sort so that I will no longer be limited to my droid for all my writing. This will greatly increase my ability to write, as well as read your blogs.
With any luck both of those will take place within the remainder of 2011.
As I've mentioned, I hope to be able to go to Cpac12. Working on it, may take some doing for me to make it, but I'm really hopeful! Prayer that things work for me to get there would be appreciated.