Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shelby for President

In a move to show their ever increasing intelligence Occupy Denver has officially announced a leader, Shelby, a three year old border collie. This move was made in response to requests from Denver Mayor Michael Hancock to form a leadership that he and other Denver city officials could meet with. One could easily be reminded of a certain Roman emperor that set his horse as his highest advisor.
A blatant slap to the face of intelligent Americans and all of humanity, Shelby shall no doubt become a mascot for not just Denver, but other cities as well, maybe even the whole movement. We likely now have our third Presidential candidate. Shelby in 2012!
In normal society this would be the end of a movement. But in this ludicrous movement which seems to draw crazies, it will bring even more. Already Occupy Denver has invited all
civic minded dogs to join the march.
So no longer is this just a human movement. Animal Farm anyone?
We must hope that this will bring about an end though. For if not, more of our tax dollars will be wasted cleaning up and ensuring the safety of the rest of America from these occupy groups. Tis time for sanity to kick in, to say nothing of morality and decency.