Sunday, October 23, 2011

In, Not Of

For me, and I'm sure many other Christians tis really difficult for us to be in the world and not of it. The easiest thing is to be in the world and become of it as well. For most if not all Christians it is a daily struggle. Some of those that it is not a struggle, don't even try to fight it anymore, they have become in and of the world, yet still believe in Christ. That is a very difficult and dangerous position to be in, if not impossible and spiritually deadly. Another way that most tend to give up is to have almost two separate lives. One is the one they show off at church and with that group of people. The other is the one they show the rest of the world. They are the hypocrites that most of the world takes note of. People who say two different things, and live two different ways. Another danger is what some choose. Being not only not of, but doing their best to be not in as well. Tis a very hard task to do, and people take from these Christians, that Christians are arrogant and uncaring of the world. Most churches as a body are stuck in this mode. To be in, not of a Christian must live the way Christ did. This doesn't necessarily mean going on missions around the world, or even dying for their beliefs. It could simply be taking the step to show the light of the word in areas around them that don't usually see it. But it is not just the individual Christians who need to do this. Churches as a unified body need to step out of their comfort zones and go to the front lines of ministry in their own areas, or maybe a nearby one. Individuals and bodies must come together remembering that we are called to serve and minister to the world we are in. We should not demand that the world come to our places of worship to know God. This can be done through local service projects of varying types, or maybe renting a theater or some other neutral place for a night and having a free concert for their neighbourhood. God is everywhere. Everywhere we go, we take Him with us. To truly be in, not of and be faithful to your belief you must go out and introduce your neighbours to the loving God, their Creator, and Saviour. Create a place where they will feel welcome, and maybe they'll experience God for the first time and acknowledge His grace.