Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Liberal Prince of Peace

Candidate Obama ran with promises of ending United States involvement in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they have been repeated ever since, though with ever changing deadlines. Hailed as a world peacemaker he was given the Nobel Peace Prize two years ago, in 2009. Since then there's been a different story.

Under President Obama, US forces have continued their presence in Afghanistan and Iraq; made incursions into Pakistan; seen action in or over Libya, Yemen, Somalia and now Uganda; with promises of involvement in three other African countries: South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Republic of The Congo. And that's just the official ones.

More and more is coming out regarding members of the Obama administration's roles in Operation Fast and Furious, also known as Project Gunrunner. This once secret operation supplied thousands of weapons to Mexican drug cartels, and is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Mexican citizens as well as several Americans. Who's to tell how many other operations this government has been illegally running around the world, that have yet to be uncovered.

For a peaceful guy Obama, and his administration, sure seem to enjoy being involved in a lot of kinetic military action and subterfuge.

Under President George W. Bush the invasions of two countries with blatantly hostile leaders were met with derision from liberals and the media. Yet these same people that derided Bush, praise Obama's moves as humanitarian and the way to peace for all.

So is the lesson that Bush didn't invade enough? Or are liberals just always right, no matter which side they flip to today? Either way Obama is hardly the peaceful man he claims to be.