Thursday, September 8, 2011


So many people assume way too much. See right there an assumption, it is that easy. How much harder is it to not assume someone is a certain way, without finding out first? Actually really difficult. It is human instinct to make decisions based on first impressions or generalities. We naturally judge others, by our own understanding of things and expectations. But to truly know people you have to be able to look past surroundings and surface perceptions. You have to get to know them, as if everything else was a blank slate. In the long run you can put back their actual surroundings and influences to try and understand how they became who they are, but still you must overcome the stuff that your own mind adds without even thinking. Various philosophers have said you can't truly no someone til they are about to die. At that last moment you meet the real them. Now I don't know about going that far, but there is a definite truth in that when you strip all else away then you know someone's true self. I often see on Twitter a lot of people just making assumptions all over the place. There, I mostly talk with conservative, middle class, Christian, Americans. So most assume I'm one as well. Not all of those are true of me. Which isn't, doesn't actually matter. Point is most everyone assumes they're all true. When I make a comment about celebrating a Jewish holiday often people assume that must mean I'm Jewish. Or when I make an anti Obama tweet, I often receive messages from liberals yelling at me for being "tea party" or Republican, neither of which I am. And these are just examples that happen to me, regularly. If we all shared stories we'd have all millions of examples. And it isn't like I myself am immune to it. It is something I'm working on. If anyone took the time to see the whole picture they might begin to actually be able to understand people. Differences are what make life worth while, time to stop trying to putting everyone into your little box.


For those that missed it, I've created yet another twitter handle: @oooShinyTreats. Tis going to be completely based on food and drink. I'm letting you know this hear, because I've a new goal of visiting at least one new restaurant a month (hopefully once a week), and I plan on blogging here about the experience, basically a review of the place. We shall see how it goes, as I continue constructing my journey through life.