Sunday, July 31, 2011

Update on The Issue at Hand

Twitter's head of security @delbius
Nod, it's not something we'd do, nor from an email configured for mail. Sounds like forged headers.
With that and other tweets, Twitter has stated that the email mentioned last night was not from them. And that my week off Twitter was likely from this bug.

That bug doesn't actually explain what had happened to me, nor the following events of last night.

Monday night through Saturday morning my phone could not access twitter via browser or apps. Nor would my password work from other sources. Yet suddenly Saturday afternoon the same pw (since changed) allowed me access.
Someone did send me that email. Someone apparently pretending to be twitter. As the email specifically acknowledged the issues I'd been having that someone either had been involved in blocking me from twitter or is on a very short list of people who saw my facebook describing the issues I was having.
Not long after first blogging about it, someone (not me) deleted the blogpost, which after finding that out I reposted and changed my blog's password.
After that my email was hacked and I lost access to my proof. At this point still waiting on google to help me recover my email account.

Over the last week someone managed to block me for most of the week from twitter, then phished me with an apparently forged twitter email, and also managed to access my blog.

Somewhere someone how I pissed someone off, and they set a trap for me. They're likely reading this. This someone hacked multiple sites, and so I would consider them dangerous.

Be careful who you piss off.
Make sure you're protected.
Always attach your proof to your accuastion, don't do them seperately.
Likely a good idea to share your proof with more powerful people before going public.

For those that say I made this up, I didn't.
To my friends who never doubted me, thanks.
Again y'all be careful.

Addit: 10-4-12, had several people mention to me, during CPAC Colorado, that I was possibly one of the first victims of the Twitter gulag.