Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why I Was Gone From Twitter

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This is a repost of a blog I posted earlier. I did not take the first one down…

I've been debating whether to make this a long or short story. I can't decide, so I'm just going to start writing.
Sunday night I found myself unable to access twitter via web or by any of the apps on my phone. When I woke Monday all was fine, til Monday night when everything was down again. Tuesday I still was unable to even access the login page, anyone's timelines, or get anything but a blank white page when I tried twitter's site.
At that point I asked a couple people if they'd heard of anyone else having problems. All came back negative, and so Wednesday afternoon I sent my first email to Twitter. Thursday evening another, around the same time I commented on Facebook about my troubles. Friday night another email, and Saturday another.
There never was any response to those.
Sunday afternoon however I suddenly had Twitter back. And I had an email from them.
"We at Twitter want to apologize for your issues over the last week. We were asked by a government agency to suspend your accounts while you were investigated for suspicious activity, including anti-government propaganda. We complied after being given a warrant from a federal judge. You have now been cleared, and your accounts reinstated. Sorry for any inconvience this may have caused."
The email goes on with information on how and who to contact their legal department to receive more information.

Y'all have seen my tweets. You know what they say. You know what I believe in and stand for. Somehow my desire for a return to Constitutionally limited government has put me on a government watch list. I'm cleared, for now, supposedly.
How many of you are on such a list for your tweets?

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