Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just Think

There are many things which set us humans apart from the rest of the creatures in our world. One of these greatest differences is our ability to think. All humans are capable of thought, though the way they express it may be different. If one loses the ability to think coherently, they are either considered disabled or insane. If one loses the ability to think at all, it is due to either a single extremely powerful emotion blocking out rational thought for a time or it is due to damage to the brain or death. There are different levels of thinking, subconscious and conscious. There are also different depths of thought ranging from shallow, only thinking of surface things, to deep philosophical thought, which ironically is at its most basic thinking about thinking.

For millennia all humans have thought. from the earliest hunter gatherer's focus on survival, to modern first world workers stressing about the commute making them late. Throughout all history those who could think beyond the normal level were either celebrated or mocked, sometimes both, and often one then later the other. Perhaps most important were the inventors of things such as arrows or spears, hoes and shovels, to later cars, planes, and computers. For these people gave the ability to their progeny of being able to devote more time to thought rather than just survival. As the inventors improved life and allowed for other ways of life to develop, the people this freed to begin these other ways of life, began attempting to improve life in other ways with philosophical beliefs into economics, government, society, etc. In this way man went from thinking solely about survival, taking steps further and further towards being able to not worry about it.

Yet whilst man still invents, the ability to think seems to be diminishing. More and more of the population seems to be content letting others think for them. They show this with their choice in government types that no longer represent more freedom, but less. They show this by their complete devotion to mass media, that which used to be a pleasure now runs all too many lives. They show this by not even caring as their neighbors begin pointing out their loss of freedom, instead they spout the words the media gives them about how they're gaining freedom, as select people continue taking it from them.

This is the danger facing mankind now. Not just the loss of freedom, but the loss of the ability to care about being free. The loss of the ability to think for one's self.

In the United States we are not just facing the gradual loss of physical freedom for ourselves, but the eventual loss of thought freedom in the whole world. The freedom for all that The United States of America stands for, represents the best in humanity. That all men can are created equally and can work together for the common good.

The only thing that government is meant to do is protect from threats and provide national stability. Government is not meant to run every aspect of our lives for us. It isn't even really supposed to provide a guide. If all men were good, then there would be no need for a government at all. But that isn't the case, some are bad, some are even evil. Government is there to protect the good from that bad and evil. That is all. That is the extent of what should be the government's boundaries. Beyond that is the power derived to We The People. It is time to get government our of our thoughts. It is time to get all of We The People thinking for themselves.

There is your challenge, think for yourself and encourage others to think for themselves as well.
Thinking is freedom. Thinking is life.
Just think.