Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hang Together or Separately

Others have said this before me, but clearly some of you need to have it reiterated again and again, so here's my turn.
Splitting the Republican, Libertarian, and Tea vote would be a horrible mistake.
Without a united front we will lose this coming election.
We saw it in Colorado's race for governor. Mays won the Republican nomination, but he wasn't "good enough" for Tancredo and others, so they split the vote. Guess what happened. The Democrat Hickenlooper won.
Now Hickenlooper is no Obama, by any means. But tis a perfect example of what's facing us. The Libertarians and Tea Partiers don't consider any of the national GOP candidates "good enough".
Well that's perfectly fine now, before the primaries. But once the nomination has been made everyone must back that candidate. And I will more than likely be right beside you in thinking they're "not enough", but I understand the importance of this election.
We've all seen the damage Obama has done already. Now imagine five and a half more years of this, instead of just one and a half. Scary image right?
What's ever scarier, is that this might be the last free election we get. If Obama wins, we can't trust we would get another in 2016. And then we would have two choices. Submit to slavery, or shed blood to gain back our beloved Republic.
For myself, I would much rather vote for someone I only half agree with, than risk four more years under the ever nearing tyrannical forms we are seeing.
As always its your vote, but remember what is at stake.
And if you won't listen to me, how about Benjamin Franklin:
We must hang together, gentlemen...else, we shall most assuredly hang separately.