Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Importance of Sides in The Middle East

When violence began in Egypt, Obama was quick to jump against Mubarak. And when people were being killed in Libya, whilst it took weeks, we launched missiles.
Yet every day dozens of people are being killed by the tyrannical regime of Syria, and the US government is practically ignoring the situation.
Why is it that Syrians, as well as other people like those in Yemen, are not as important to Obama and his administration?
That question is one that Obama should be facing before reelection.
Yet the right isn't pressing him on this either.
Whilst the economy, immigration, and healthcare are all very important issues, his foreign policies can not be ignored!
The government of Syria, a clear enemy of our ally Israel, Obama will not stand against? Nor will he support the Green Movement of Iran, which is one of the most democratic movements in the world, which is struggling against an enemy not only to Israel, but to ourselves. In Egypt, Obama chose a side that has already made threats towards Israel. And in Libya the side we support is known to be made up of our own Al Qaeda enemies.
Now I'm not calling for us to intervene with our own military, but we need to pick the right sides in these struggles. Whoever is going to be President of The United States, needs to make some decisions.
This is not something just the United States should be worrying about. Canada, Europe, and the world should be picking the side of right morally, not just the politically convenient.
The winners of these revolutions will be our future world partners. I can understand not wanting to piss off the wrong person, but support alone could help the right sides win.
In my opinion, choosing right is greatly more important than being politically correct.

As I've posted this its come out that US military has in fact been launching air strikes in support of the beleaguered Yemen government, our allies, who are assaulted by Al Qaeda.