Thursday, June 2, 2011

Book Excerpt

The following is a teaser excerpt from a book I'm working on...

He'd never seen a creature like this. Clearly some sort of warrior, by the weaponry it carried. He counted eleven blades of different lengths, 2 axes, and 2 spears sheathed upon its body, and then there were the claws attached to the hands. Nasty bit this was going to be.
'Hopefully its friendly' went through his head. Thing was it looked human, except it had fur, and that face was anything but.
'Ok, first contact then.' He couldn't help but inwardly chuckle at that thought. Looked over at it, doubting it would get such a joke.
So far it was just staring at him, not reaching for any of the weapons.
A very good thing that since he was completely unarmed.
Ruurrr. He was very sure it just purred or something at him.
"Hello?" he tried back. Just the slightest flick of its ears to let him know it had even noticed him.